About Me


Welcome to my small corner of the internet. The Meeple Street’s intention is to share board game reviews and board gaming related discussion with enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Following this blog means you will get reviews on both new and old games; be able to participate in discussions and share stories about gaming; hear more about my experiences with gaming; and you can enjoy watching my follies (and hopefully development) in painting miniatures.

Now a little more about myself… My name is Mackenzie Hoffman, and I am a board gaming enthusiast who has been in the hobby since 2015. You may see me on other social media accounts as MackotheMeeple. I got into the hobby about three years ago when I first tried Zombicide, after playing it with my older brother. I was instantly in love, because I loved the social aspect and the possibility to include my other passion: painting. Since then I have grown my collection to over 300 games, and played even more. While I started out with a preference for “Dudes on a Map”, I have grown mostly into a Eurogamer, though you will see a little bit of everything here.

When I am not gaming, you can find me teaching middle school English Language Arts and History. I love to incorporate games into my classroom so you will see some articles about how I and why I do that (and even connect it to all our lovely standards!). My students are starting to develop a love for gaming, which has been a joy for me to see. Beyond my students, I mostly spend time playing games with my family and friends.

I am so thankful to have such a great community to share this passion with, and please jump in on the discussion. I don’t just want to talk at you about board games, I want to talk with you!

Review Disclaimer

Occasionally a designer or publisher will provide me with a copy of a game to review. I am not obligated by this to provide an overly positive review of the game. It is important to remember that my opinions of a game are not swayed by receiving a game in this fashion.

I will always try to share both positives and negatives that I see in a game with you, and give you honest feedback on each game I review. I feel that honesty is especially important when giving reviews, because I want you to find games that you will love based on your preferences. If you are ever unsure of a game, please feel free to reach out to me at my email: macko@themeeplestreet.com.