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Why Board Games

Yesterday, I had a long bus ride to a field trip with my 8th graders. While sitting and chatting with a student, they wanted to know more about my love of board games. Their big question to me was, "why play board games when there are so many more vivid games you could play with… Continue reading Why Board Games

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Favorite Publishers

I play all kinds of games, everything from independent designers launching a Kickstarter for the first time to major publishing companies like CMON or Asmodee. However, as I continue there are a few publishers who stand out to me, not just because of the quality of their games, but also things like communication and customer… Continue reading Favorite Publishers

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May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

May is already coming to a close, so I figured I would take the time to share today what Kickstarter projects and pre-orders I decided to support this month. This was a slow month for me, so there are only a few things that I backed. Kickstarter Growl- Growl is a social deduction based game.… Continue reading May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

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Great Small Footprint Games

My family and I will be spending our Memorial Day outside, playing some board games. I love being able to spend some time outside during summer, however not all board games are not functional outside due to risk of wind or small space. We also tend to have this problem when we go to spend… Continue reading Great Small Footprint Games

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Lessons Learned from Putting Together a Broken Token Insert

This week for my birthday, I received my first broken token insert for Scythe by Stonemaier Games. Now being the overachiever I am, I decided that I really also wanted to stain the organizer. I have never stained anything in my entire life. I figured I would share what that process looked like for me,… Continue reading Lessons Learned from Putting Together a Broken Token Insert

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Review of The Grimm Forest

Game:┬áThe Grimm Forest Designer: Tim Eisner Published: Druid City Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 40-60 Minutes Play Type: Resource Management/ Take That/ Set Collection   Synopsis: Generations may have gone by, but the descendants of The Three Little Pigs still face the same adversity that they have for generations. That does not stop them though, they… Continue reading Review of The Grimm Forest

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Bringing Board Games to Schools

I am someone who enjoys donating my time to my community, especially when it has to do with schools or cats. I used to volunteer every Saturday at our local cat shelter, and I used to collect school supplies and donate them to some of our underprivileged schools. However, my favorite way to donate my… Continue reading Bringing Board Games to Schools

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Tabletop Gaming with Cats

Frequently on Instagram, I post pictures of my games and there is a cat right in the middle of the shot. People always comment on how do I get my cats to post with my games...and I sit there thinking, "I don't think you understand, either I take photos with my cats in it, or… Continue reading Tabletop Gaming with Cats

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Tavern of Heroes

Now many of you know me, I do not watch a ton of podcasts, mostly because I don't have time to listen to anything audio based during work. I instead prefer to take in most of my board game content by reading or visually on sites like Instagram. When Michael and Stephen Stagliano of Stesso… Continue reading Tavern of Heroes

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Review of Kingdomino

Game: Kingdomino Designer: Bruno Cathala Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 15-20 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement/ Tile Drafting   Synopsis: You are a powerful lord seeking to expand your kingdom into new lands. You will grow as a kingdom as you explore new territories to seek the best combination of mountains, forests, oceans… Continue reading Review of Kingdomino