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Review of Patriot

Game: Patriot Designer: Anthony Kirkham Published: Wild Robot Games Players: 3-6 Playtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes-2 Hours Play Type: Social Deduction   Synopsis:   Somebody wants to assassinate the president. Your job is to protect the president and ensure their safety. The assassin keeps sending in demands, your job is to meet them and ensure that… Continue reading Review of Patriot

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Above and Below Review

Game:  Above and Below Designer: Ryan Laukat Published: Red Raven Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 1 Hour- 1 Hour 30 Minutes Play Type: Story Telling   Synopsis: You have fled a vicious barbarian attack. After an exhausting trek across unforgiving landscapes you have finally found the perfect place for a new settlement. This new land has… Continue reading Above and Below Review

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International Table Top Day 2018

Yesterday was a busy and fun day for me. I set aside our usual D&D Saturdays to enjoy International Table Top Day at some of our local stores. Throughout the day I ended up at three local stores to play games. The Morning The morning for me was all about learning to play some new… Continue reading International Table Top Day 2018

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Play by the Rules

Rule books today come in all shapes and sizes for board games. I have games where the rule book fits on a couple small cards, one easy to read sheet of paper or an entire novel. I generally find that long rule books can create a barrier that keeps new players from fully diving into… Continue reading Play by the Rules

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Top 9 of April 2018

As we gear up for International Table Top Day this Saturday, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my favorite games. More specifically I wanted to focus on why these are are my favorite. It is always hard for my to narrow down to just 9 games but I am pretty happy with… Continue reading Top 9 of April 2018

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Doxie Dash Review

Game: Doxie Dash Designer: Travis Wilkins Published: Mackerel Sky Games Players: 2-6 Playtime: 20-30 Minutes Play Type: Card Drafting Synopsis: A day in the life of a doxie. You will need to come out on top of the pack by being the best dachshund you can be. How will you get there? That is up… Continue reading Doxie Dash Review

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Unboxing Muse

  Last month I was lucky enough to win a copy of Muse designed by Jordan Sorenson, and published by Quick Simple Fun Games. They sent me both the game, and an additional promo card. It is such a beautiful game that I figured I would do some quick un-boxing photos for you! The game… Continue reading Unboxing Muse

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Review of Viticulture Essential Edition

Game: Viticulture Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Players: 1-6 Playtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes-2 Hours Play Type: Worker Placement   Synopsis:   You have inherited a vineyard in Tuscany. Your dream is to take this modest vineyard into an abundantly successful venture.  Starting with just a simple crush pad, a small crush pad, and 3… Continue reading Review of Viticulture Essential Edition

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Why Play on Apps?

Many people shy away from playing board game apps on phones. I understand the sentiment, why play an app when you could sit down away from technology and actually play a game? I can easily see the arguments against board game apps. They go against my normal attitude of putting technology away and spending time… Continue reading Why Play on Apps?

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The Benefits of a Board Game a Day

People ask me frequently, how do I find the time to play games every night? Very simply, I try to make it a priority during my day. My goal is to play a game each night. There are a few reasons that I try to make this commitment. First, board games are inherently social. When… Continue reading The Benefits of a Board Game a Day