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Review of Foundations of Rome

Game: Foundations of Rome Designer: Emerson Matsuuchi Published: Arcane Wonders Players: 2-4 Playtime: 60-90 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement/ City Building Synopsis: You are an architect tasked with building the ancient city of Rome. Your goal is to secure land and build glorious buildings throughout the city to increase your renown. By building various buildings,… Continue reading Review of Foundations of Rome

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Review of Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls

Game: Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls Published: Van Ryder Games Designer: Shuky Players: 1 Playtime: 30-130 Minutes Play Type: Choose Your Own Adventure Kickstarter Link: Synopsis: Throughout these two books, you are a pirate seeking the prisoner that has escaped from your ship! Use the tools around you as you trek through the jungle… Continue reading Review of Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls

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Review of Red Rising

Game: Red Rising Published: Stonemaier Games Designers:  Jamey Stegmaier and Alexander Schmidt Players: 1-6 Playtime: 45- 60 Minutes Play Type: Hand Management, Combo Building Synopsis: Red Rising from Stonemaier Games is based off the first trilogy in the Red Rising Series from Pierce Brown. The setting is a dystopian society that has been broken into a caste system divided by… Continue reading Review of Red Rising

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Review of Pendulum

Game: Pendulum Published: Stonemaier Games Designers:  Travis Jones Players: 1-5 Playtime: 60-90 Minutes Play Type: Simultaneous Worker Placement     Synopsis:The Timeless King has vanished. The Time of Change has begun, and you a powerful noble are vying to become the successor to the Timeless King. Compete with the other nobles for the title or The Timeless King or watch… Continue reading Review of Pendulum

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Review of Lizard Wizard

Game: Lizard Wizard Published: Forbidden Games Designers: Glenn Drover Players: 2-5 Playtime: 45-90 Minutes Play Type: Set Collection/ Economic Kickstarter Link:   ***This review was completed based off a prototype. All components and rules are subject to change. Photos have been provided by Forbidden Games*** Synopsis:You are one of the Arch-Mages in land of Astoria, a magic filled world that is… Continue reading Review of Lizard Wizard

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Review of Root

Game: Root Designer: Cole Wehrle Published: Leder Games Players: 2-4 Players Playtime: 60-90 Minutes Play Type:  Asymmetric War Game Synopsis: You are a member of a proud faction of folk who dwell in the wilderness. Your goal is to capture the wilderness and take control before the other factions can get a hold on the space. Using… Continue reading Review of Root

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Review of Lawyer Up

Game: Lawyer Up Designer: Sam Bailey & Mike Gnade Published: Rock Manor Games Players: 2 Players Playtime: 60-75 Minutes Play Type: Tug-O-War and Card Drafting Synopsis: Lawyer Up is a courtroom drama game where you take on the side of either the prosecution or the defense. Prepare to call witnesses, supply evidence and sway jurors. … Continue reading Review of Lawyer Up

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Review of Bosk

Game: Bosk Designer: Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris Published: Floodgate Games Players: 2-4 Players Playtime: 30 Minutes Play Type:  Area Control Synopsis: You are attempting to grow a thriving forest in a national park for nature lovers to enjoy. Plant your trees carefully to ensure their growth among an increasingly crowded forest. Be ready to… Continue reading Review of Bosk

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Review of Team3 Green

Game: Team3 Green Designer: Alex Cutler and Matt Fantastic Published: Brain Games Inc Players: 3-6 Players Playtime: 30 Minutes Play Type:  Dexterity/ Party Synopsis: You are taking on the role of the three monkeys. One of the monkeys cannot hear, another cannot see, and the final cannot speak. Your job is to complete blueprints to… Continue reading Review of Team3 Green

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Review of Paranormal Detectives

Game: Paranormal Detectives Designer: Szymon Maliński, Adrian Orzechowski, Marcin Łączyński Published: Lucky Duck Games Players: 3-6 Players Playtime: 45 Minutes Play Type:  Deduction Synopsis: You have awoken as a ghost, desperate to communicate with a group of onlookers exactly how you have died. Your job is to use all the tools in your toolbox to… Continue reading Review of Paranormal Detectives