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The Benefits of a Board Game a Day

People ask me frequently, how do I find the time to play games every night? Very simply, I try to make it a priority during my day. My goal is to play a game each night. There are a few reasons that I try to make this commitment.

mackothemeeple-1524482732848First, board games are inherently social. When I come home at night, I am often overwhelmed from the sheer amount of social interaction throughout my day. There is hardly a minute in my 8 hour day when I don’t have a student in my face, asking questions, demanding attention. Naturally, once I get home I tend to go into shutdown mode, where I don’t want to talk to anyone. This doesn’t lend itself to a healthy relationships. This is a major reason I play games after work. When I’m playing board games, the social aspect comes very naturally. Once I’m in the mindset of playing a game, I am less likely to get irritable about talking. During game time is when I am most connected with my husband. We are able to catch up on each other’s days, and discuss other matters while competing with one another and having fun. The switch to a game a day has been extremely healthy for our relationship.


Second, board games allow me to engage in a way that other activities do not. Many people enjoy TV or similar activities after work. These activities make me zone out, where board games force me to actively engage with what is happening. I enjoy the thinking that comes with playing games. It keeps my mind sharp, rather than allowing myself to get lost in my thoughts after work. One major drawback of living with depression is when I let myself get lost in my thoughts, it tends to seriously dampen my mood. Board games help me remain focused throughout my evening.


Third, there is always variety with games. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, I can find atemp_regrann_1524483002877 game to play. I don’t always have to play a long and in depth game, frequently I just play a filler game or two. This is especially true if the day has been rough. Board games help brighten my day, and I love that there is enough variety to allow me to find a game that suits my needs each night. Whether I’m feeling goofy, depressed, impatient or thoughtful I have a game that will allow me to think in a way that demonstrates those emotions in a healthy manner.


IMG_20180312_161712_525Now, while these things are important to me, I don’t always meet my goal. There are days that I come home from work and get busy. Other days I’m too depressed to set up and clean up a game. On those days I try to play an app version of a game. While it is not quite the same as a physical game, I can still interact in a way that I enjoy with the games. However, I try to not let myself get into the habit of skipping days. It may seem a little odd to prioritize games in this manner, but it has helped me feel a lot happier since I have started my goal.

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Board Game a Day

  1. Nice words (and photos). I’m always surprised by people who prefer watching passively tv and are always tired (many doesn’t like their jobs, are tired the morning, the day and of course, the night). It’s sad, and boardgames are one the solution for meeting people, having good time, even meeting professionnal links!


  2. This is a great post, and it’s awesome that you’re able to do something like this. I kind of wish the wife and I would do it, but it’s not really something she wants to do after a long day.

    However, we do make sure that we’re not avoiding talking to each other. We always decompress and talk about our day, and talk in general, before we get up and get our evening started.

    It is brave of you to talk about how it helps you with depression, too.


    1. I can understand not wanting to commit to a game after a long day. It is nice that you still spend the time to decompress with one another, that’s the important thing. As far as being brave, I don necessarily see it that way. I’ve dealt with two types of depression for over a decade. It’s apart of who I am. I just hope that by sharing my experiences with depression maybe I can help someone else who might be struggling.

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      1. I see what you mean about “brave.” But you’re being honest and being open, and a lot of people can’t handle that for themselves.

        I do hope that you sharing will help somebody else who is struggling. That’s the most important part about being open, that and being true to yourself.


  3. Great post. After the kids are down, my wife and I mix up playing board games, playing Switch together, and watching shows/movies. Board games have very directly helped us stay connected and engaged over the years…even when there’s frustration with come-from-behind wins! =-) Great post. Thanks for sharing!


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