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Review of Foundations of Rome

Game: Foundations of Rome Designer: Emerson Matsuuchi Published: Arcane Wonders Players: 2-4 Playtime: 60-90 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement/ City Building Synopsis: You are an architect tasked with building the ancient city of Rome. Your goal is to secure land and build glorious buildings throughout the city to increase your renown. By building various buildings,… Continue reading Review of Foundations of Rome


Review of Rolling Realms

Game: Rolling Realms Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-6 Playtime: 30-45 Minutes Play Type:Roll and Write Synopsis: You are given the opportunity to experience a variety of mini-games inspired by the various other titles in the Stonemaier Games’ repertoire. Additionally, other game titles have been added by way of card pack expansions. This… Continue reading Review of Rolling Realms

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Review of Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls

Game: Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls Published: Van Ryder Games Designer: Shuky Players: 1 Playtime: 30-130 Minutes Play Type: Choose Your Own Adventure Kickstarter Link: Synopsis: Throughout these two books, you are a pirate seeking the prisoner that has escaped from your ship! Use the tools around you as you trek through the jungle… Continue reading Review of Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls

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Board Games I Used to Build Community in my E-Learning and Hybrid Classrooms

The 2020-2021 school year was a challenge in many ways. In my school, we had a variety of schedules but we started out the school year with all of our students E-learning, about halfway through the year we switched to a hybrid model teaching both online and in person students at the same time. The… Continue reading Board Games I Used to Build Community in my E-Learning and Hybrid Classrooms

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Review of Red Rising

Game: Red Rising Published: Stonemaier Games Designers:  Jamey Stegmaier and Alexander Schmidt Players: 1-6 Playtime: 45- 60 Minutes Play Type: Hand Management, Combo Building Synopsis: Red Rising from Stonemaier Games is based off the first trilogy in the Red Rising Series from Pierce Brown. The setting is a dystopian society that has been broken into a caste system divided by… Continue reading Review of Red Rising

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Review of Anvl Custom Miniatures

What is Anvl? Anvl is a website that allows customers to create custom miniatures that will then be 3-D printed in resin, steel, bronze, silver or gold. Those with 3D printers may also just purchase the files and print the miniatures themselves for a lesser cost. These miniatures can be used in a variety of… Continue reading Review of Anvl Custom Miniatures

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The End of a Hiatus and a Brief Apology…

I am back! I wanted to take a moment before I get back into reviewing and other board game related activity to explain why I went very suddenly on hiatus and to apologize to anyone who provided content for me to review during that period. In October, I completed my review for the Wingspan Oceania… Continue reading The End of a Hiatus and a Brief Apology…

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Review of Wingspan Oceania Expansion

Expansion: Wingspan Oceania Expansion Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave Publisher: Stonemaier Games ***This is a review of the second expansion for Wingspan, if you are interested in a full Wingspan review you can find one here*** Overview Positives: Balancing Different Strategies New Goal Tiles Beautiful Artwork Adds Replayability New Player Mats New Ways to Score More Flexibility… Continue reading Review of Wingspan Oceania Expansion

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Review of Tapestry: Plans and Ploys

Expansion: Tapestry: Plans and Ploys Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Publisher: Stonemaier Games   ***This is a review of the first expansion for Tapestry, if you are interested in a full Tapestry review you can find one here*** Overview Positives: Provides New Goals for Game Play New Civilizations Provide Variety and Replayability Beautiful Artwork Creates More Tension During Conquer Actions Includes… Continue reading Review of Tapestry: Plans and Ploys

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Review of Lizard Wizard

Game: Lizard Wizard Published: Forbidden Games Designers: Glenn Drover Players: 2-5 Playtime: 45-90 Minutes Play Type: Set Collection/ Economic Kickstarter Link:   ***This review was completed based off a prototype. All components and rules are subject to change. Photos have been provided by Forbidden Games*** Synopsis:You are one of the Arch-Mages in land of Astoria, a magic filled world that is… Continue reading Review of Lizard Wizard