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Favorite Publishers

I play all kinds of games, everything from independent designers launching a Kickstarter for the first time to major publishing companies like CMON or Asmodee. However, as I continue there are a few publishers who stand out to me, not just because of the quality of their games, but also things like communication and customer service. Here are my current favorite five publishers and why they make the cut:

  1. Stonemaier Games- Stonemaier Games hits high on this list because in addition to making wonderful quality of games, they also have some of the best customer service I have encountered anywhere in my life….ever. I have had a couple of my games missing pieces or other problems in which I have had to reach out to them to have something resolved. I never leave that conversation unhappy, and I always have what I need within a week…two at most. Beyond that their games are quality, well thought out, visually attractive and suit my needs as a player. All their games work with the size of my five-seven person family. It means everyone can sit down at the table and play without balancing the problem of the game not supporting enough players.
  2. Renegade Games- Renegade Games was not on my radar until just recently…and now they have taken over my radar it seems. Out of the last ten games I bought or received, I would say six or seven of them were published by Renegade Games. They produce a wide variety of high quality games. I have been pleased with every game I have recently gotten from them, including titles such as Lucidity, Planet Defenders, Topiary, Ex Libris, Wonderland, and Raiders of the North Sea. That consistent quality and variety has made them the most recent addition to this list. I am looking forward to trying Tea Dragon Society, Altiplano and Fox in the Forest.
  3. Red Raven Games– Red Raven Games produces games that take me to another world. When I play games released by Red Raven Games, I get the game feeling I would from reading a good novel. Their games give me a sense of adventure through their story telling aspects, the themes of their games, and the whimsical art style of Ryan Laukat. I am looking forward to adding all of their titles to my collection.
  4. Certifiable Studios- This is another publisher who is on my list not just because of their quality game titles, but also their customer service. They are a relatively small company only publishing three titles currently. However, the games they do publish are high quality and unique. Throughout their Kickstarters, Certifiable Studios demonstrates a good sense of humor, and frequently communicates everything that is going on. This is something as a backer of their games that I appreciate. They are also someone who responds promptly when there is an issue with a game, and makes sure that it is rectified quickly. I am looking forward to seeing what else they come out with.
  5. Z Man Games- Z Man Games is another company that produces a wide variety of high quality games. Many of our favorite household games are published by Z Man Games including Camel (C)up, Onirim, Pandemic, Carcassonne, and Feast for Odin. Their line includes things that will appeal to all kinds of players, from those playing with their families, to solo players, to those looking for something heavier and more strategic.  I can’t talk very much on their customer service, as I have never had to reach out to them about something.

Those are my current five…which publishers are your five favorites?

One thought on “Favorite Publishers

  1. My five favorites (or, more quantifiable: The five publishers of which I have most boxes in my shelf):
    – Fantasy Flight Games (for all that glorious American epic flair)
    – Kosmos (solid euros from Catan to Andor)
    – GMT Games (’cause they take history seriously)
    – Histogame (for the more euro-y history games)
    – Plaid Hat Games (I admit, that’s due to Mice&Mystics alone)


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