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Review of Tiny Trees

Game: Tiny Trees Designer: Michael Perce Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 30 Minutes Play Type: Set Collection Synopsis: You are but small tree spirit, but you hope to become the Demigod of Trees. The only way to prove you are fit to take the position? By growing the strongest and most creative tree, and gaining the… Continue reading Review of Tiny Trees

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Review of Lords of Waterdeep

Game: Lords of Waterdeep Designer: Peter Lee, Rodney Thompson Published: Wizards of the Coast Players: 2-5 players Playtime: 1-2 Hours Play Type: Worker Placement Synopsis: You are a masked lord of Waterdeep, one of the rulers of the powerful and influential cities in the Swordcoast. Your goal is to become as powerful as possible, and you will… Continue reading Review of Lords of Waterdeep

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Favorite Publishers

I play all kinds of games, everything from independent designers launching a Kickstarter for the first time to major publishing companies like CMON or Asmodee. However, as I continue there are a few publishers who stand out to me, not just because of the quality of their games, but also things like communication and customer… Continue reading Favorite Publishers

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Review of The Grimm Forest

Game: The Grimm Forest Designer: Tim Eisner Published: Druid City Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 40-60 Minutes Play Type: Resource Management/ Take That/ Set Collection   Synopsis: Generations may have gone by, but the descendants of The Three Little Pigs still face the same adversity that they have for generations. That does not stop them though, they… Continue reading Review of The Grimm Forest

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Review of Rajas of the Ganges

Game: Rajas of the Ganges Designer: Inka Brand and Markus Brand Published: HUCH! Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 1-2 Hours Play Type: Worker Placement     Synopsis: In 16th century India, you are trying to rise to power by wealth and fame. You will take on the role of a rajah or rani, an Indian nobleman or… Continue reading Review of Rajas of the Ganges