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Tavern of Heroes


Now many of you know me, I do not watch a ton of podcasts, mostly because I don’t have time to listen to anything audio based during work. I instead prefer to take in most of my board game content by reading or visually on sites like Instagram. When Michael and Stephen Stagliano of Stesso Games reached out to me about listening to their new actual play podcast, Tavern of Heroes, I was not sure that I would really enjoy it. However, I sat down and gave it a listen despite that. Now, I can say that I will be subscribing to it, adding it to my list of very few audio based board game podcasts and lives streams that I tune into. It was that good.

What made it excellent? I think there are a variety of reasons that this podcast really stood out to me. First, the game they have created is easy to follow and has a well thought out and interesting back story. You can have no background knowledge about RPGs and still sit down and understand and enjoy the podcast. Second, the voice acting is really phenomenal. The actors interact in a way that pulls the listener in. It is extremely easy to become invested in the characters and the stories because the actors are playing the roles so well. Finally, the adventure itself is interesting. It moves with a good pace, with a create balance of exploring, tense moments and humor. I was engaged from the very start of the episode until the very end of the episode. It left me on a cliffhanger though…so I can’t wait for the next episode. The first three episodes will be available to listen to on May 30th.

I highly suggest checking this one out, especially if you enjoy shows such as Critical Role, The Adventure Zone and Titan’s Grave. It is superb quality, and will keep you entertained for the full hour. Take a look at their website here for all of the upcoming updates! While on their website you can familiarize yourself with the cast and learn about the world itself while waiting for the pilot episode to release!

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