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Tabletop Gaming with Cats

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Frequently on Instagram, I post pictures of my games and there is a cat right in the middle of the shot. People always comment on how do I get my cats to post with my games…and I sit there thinking, “I don’t think you understand, either I take photos with my cats in it, or I spend hours trying to get my cat OUT of the photo”. You see, they absolutely must be in the middle of whatever I am doing. This provides some unique challenges for board gaming. I have two cats, Bubz and Magpie Jones the First of her Name Defender of the Kitties and the People…or Maggie for short. Maggie is just about as calm and regal as her name would have you assume.

Bubz however is a whole other issue. Bubz is a little furry kleptomaniac. He loves to bat temp_regrann_1527161142798things around, until he gets it into a place where he can steal it and then runs off. This includes not only game pieces while we are playing, but also any miniature I am painting.  Now, my painting room is actually a closet with a door, so I have tried shutting that door. Unfortunately, when I am painting is also the only time that Bubz needs all of my attention, so he claws through the door/carpet until I let him in. I like my house in tact so Bubz is in the middle of everything. I almost always paint with him in my lap. However, if I am not careful when I finish and shoo him out, I end up with whatever mini I was painting disappearing. Same thing happens during game night. He steals meeples, cubes, minis, dice, name it. We throw him off, he comes right back. It is a never ending battle.

temp_regrann_1527161257474Now Maggie is a different story. She would never dream of stealing a game piece (except dice, she loves dice). However, she is the most egocentric cat I have ever met. Everyone’s world must revolve around her. She causes trouble during Dungeons and Dragons day because she chooses to sit on people’s character sheets if they do not pay attention to her. If they still refuse to pet her and give her attention she starts knocking dice off the table. It feels like a threat from her, because most of the time she looks you in the eyes while doing it.

Now the good news is both of my cats are extremely friendly. It is nice on a game night to know I don’t need to worry about my cats hurting anyone (unless that person goes for the belly, never go for the belly!). Their problem is that they love people a little too much. Sitting in the middle of the board because that is where people are looking, taking the pieces or trying to get our attention in any way shape or form. Does anyone else have any cat stories to share?


2 thoughts on “Tabletop Gaming with Cats

  1. Same! Molly is mischief and Luna is chill. Molly must pace back and forth on the painting table. My son once tried scotch taping all of the pieces of a game down while we broke for lunch, but that was a failed attempt!


  2. A friend’s cat likes to jump up on the table during miniature wargames and try to eat the trees and shrubs (and knocking miniatures over in the process, of course). And she’s smart enough to approach new players, who don’t know her behavior, so she can get close to the table so she can make the big jump. lol


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