Review of Rise of Fenris (Campaign)

Game: Rise of Fenris (Campaign) Published: Stonemaier Games Designed: Ryan Lopez DeVinaspre and Jamey Stegmaier Players: 1-7 Playstyle: Engine Building Non Spoiler Overview Rise of Fenris captures something that many campaign based games hope to achieve, but often fall short of. It not only provides an engaging story for players to follow, but also provides unique but intuitive… Continue reading Review of Rise of Fenris (Campaign)

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Review of Scythe

Game: Scythe Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-5 Base Game, 1-7 with Expansion Playtime: 2-3 Hours Type: Engine Builder Synopsis: Scythe is set in Jakub Rozalski's 1920's+ universe. In the game you'll find yourself controlling a faction trying to rebuild their country after the first Great War. Your faction will try to stake… Continue reading Review of Scythe