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Don’t Judge a Player at First Glance

"I'm not sure that this is going to be your kind of game". It is a statement that I frequently run into at game stores and conventions. To be perfectly honest, I completely understand why. I am a young woman, who frequently goes to stores in my work attire. Not exactly the picture of a… Continue reading Don’t Judge a Player at First Glance

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Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

Yesterday I had to opportunity to play games with two people whom I had been in contact with through Instagram, and meet in person for the first time. What followed was about nine hours of fun and I was able to play four games I had never played before. It has been a while since… Continue reading Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

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Premium Board Game Service

A few months ago, Funagain games announced that they would be liquidizing their online store to clear out their warehouses. Many people, myself included jumped on the sales and expressed their condolences that the company seemed to be shutting down, with the exception of their two brick and mortar stores. Two days ago they came… Continue reading Premium Board Game Service