Classic Games I Still Enjoy

Like many board gamers, I did not get my start in modern board gaming. Instead, I came from a family that spent a lot of time playing classic board games together. For instance, my mother would spend hours playing pick up sticks with me as a child. While I don’t frequently play pick up sticks anymore, that does not mean I do not enjoy any classic games. In fact there are two classic games that still stand out to me, and will always have a place in my collection.

The first of those games is a game called Masterpiece. It was originally published in 1970, and like many other games during this time period it is a roll and move game. The focus of the game is trying to become the riches art collector by participating in art auctions, and other means of obtaining art. Each art piece will be given a random value when selected, and only the player with the art knows its value. Thus creating an aspect of hidden information as well. Growing up all of the cousins would crowd around the table at holidays and play this at our grandparents house. Always being interested in art, this game has continued to stand out to me, even as I have aged. It reminds me of my family, and thus I had to get my own copy. While some of the mechanics may be dated, I still very much enjoy the game.

The other classic game that still stands out to me is Clue. I believe most people have played Clue at some point or another, but it is a roll and move game where players go from room to room trying to find clues about a murder that happened in the house. Each players has different clues and is racing to be the first to solve the mystery. Clue always has me interacting with other players and thinking hard about other player’s  turns. It is something I very much enjoy in a game, but can be difficult to manage even in modern gaming. We still get Clue to the table once or twice a month.


What are your favorite classic games? Have you ever played Masterpiece?

5 thoughts on “Classic Games I Still Enjoy

  1. We still play Sorry, but we reverse all the rules! Backwards Sorry is much more cut-throat and elicits a lot of laughter and swearing. I also love Mastermind. I cannot quite bring myself to get rid of Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, or Risk.


  2. We found an old set of Eurorails in my mother-in-law’s house when she passed away, and we have a great time playing it. Nothing like getting to draw all over the board with crayons!


  3. Maybe it’s not a “classic” game, but I would love to play Axis & Allies again. It’s not the first board game I ever played, but definitely one I enjoyed a lot at the time. Thank you for the article.


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