Painting Journal October 2018

It has been a while since I have shared what I have been up to as far as painting. This week was my evaluation through work, so content has been slow but I have been doing a lot of painting as a way to help with some of the stress aspects! I apologize for being less consistent the last two weeks.

My painting has mostly been focused on three Stonemaier Games. First right before Gencon I received my copy of My Little Scythe. I worked very diligently to finish up all of the chibi miniatures that were included. They were high quality and fun to paint. I would even suggest this being a great game to start new painters or young painters on. First because there are very few tiny details on the models, and second because it comes with a painting guide.

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After finishing those, I had the Scythe kick and started to finish up some of the more detailed Scythe Faction Leaders I ordered last year. I am still working on the Nordic and Rusviet leaders. Hopefully I will finish them as soon as I finish the third project I started on. If you are concerned about Rise of Fenris spoilers, I suggest that you stop reading HERE.

Rise of Fenris is the Scythe expansion that is in a campaign format, and in the game there are a few surprises to paint. I was so excited to open them and continue our campaign that I immediately started painting the faction unlocked at the end of the third chapter. Vesna’s color and faction symbol are by far my favorite in all of Scythe, and so painting the mechs was an absolute joy. I am currently working on the airship and faction leader models and hope they will be done by Sunday so we can continue our campaign. I also need to put together our Broken Token Legendary organizer before then as well so I definitely have a full plate.

Unlike My Little Scythe, I wouldn’t suggest Scythe though for first time painters. There are many small details on Scythe that can be easy to miss if not looking carefully. Although, like everything else if you are passionate about it and enjoy painting them, then that is all that really matters! Below are the photos for my latest Scythe project. They do contain spoilers for Rise of Fenris!

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