The Gift of Giving

Here in Illinois it has finally become spring, with warmer weather. The shift in weather has me in spring cleaning mode. While I have not had to cull my game collection to this point, I know many people cull games around this time of year, getting rid of games they no longer play. Some people may sell their used games for extra cash, but if you are someone considering just getting rid of your games or bringing them to Goodwill, I suggest looking into your local libraries or schools to see if a classroom or library has use for them.

I am a teacher that runs a board gaming group 2-3 times a week with no budget for games. I love gaming and don’t mind the added cost of purchasing games for my students to use because I know that it provides them with important skills that transfer into other subjects. However, I have had a few games donated in the past to my classroom that have made a huge impact on the variety of games that my students get to experience. For example, the owners of Mackerel Sky Games donated a copy of Doxie Dash, Love Letter, Decrypto and Codenames to my board game group and for use in the classroom. They have been well loved in the classroom. Another member of the gaming community donated Friday and One Deck Dungeon which has allowed my students to experience solo gaming, because I personally had no purely solo games in my collection.

These experiences help my students grow as individuals in a way that I cannot provide on my own without spending a lot of money. I find that many students will choose to play games as a free time activity, and learn the rules if they are provided. The ability to access different games allows students to develop preferences and encourages the continued growth of the hobby. If you are getting rid of games anyways, it never hurts to ask! You could write an email to a school or library or give them them a quick call. Additionally, reach out to friends and family members in those field. Most teachers I know would be extremely appreciative of such a donation, and many libraries are beginning to build gaming libraries as well!

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