5 Games I am Excited to (Hopefully) Demo at Gen Con

Gen Con is just three weeks away now, and I have been working hard to figure out my schedule. A huge part of that is taking a look at games I want to demo and making note of where I can find that game to do so. Each week until we leave, I will release 5 more games I am excited to demo, so let’s take a look at the first five.

Wonderland’s War
Wonerland’s War Cover Mock-Up from Druid City Games’ Facebook Page

This is my number one game that I am excited to learn more about. I have been intently watching this game since the art was first posted. As a fan of Alice in Wonderland and Druid City Games, I am hoping that I will finally have an Alice themed game with more depth and replayability. From various videos, I am excited to hear that the game will have a half focused on worker placement, and a second half  It will be releasing to Kickstarter in the Fall, so getting a sneak peek before then would be ideal!

The Isofarian Guard
The Isofarian Guard artwork released from The Isofarian Guard Facebook Page

This is an upcoming game from Sky Kingdom Games. Sky Kingdom Games released The Stonebound Saga prior to this, and it is my favorite direct player combat game. I love that Sky Kingdom Games focuses on the little details in their games and it really shows through. I am excited to try The Isofarian Guard because it will be in the same universe of The Stonebound Saga, but will instead be a solo/ cooperative two player campaign style game that will build on the story of the universe. I am also really excited that they will be including narration from Forteller. It will be interesting to see how that adds to the immersion of gameplay!

Planet’s Cover from Blue Orange Games

Planet is already available, but I have not gotten a chance to try it out yet. I love games that include a tactile element and Planet has captured my attention for that reason. The game has a 3-D planet that players will be building throughout the game.  I love that most of Blue Orange Games’ collection are easy to teach and learn. A lot of the time I am able to also implement their games in the classroom and students love games with great components.

Bosk’s Cover from Floodgate Games

Similar to Planet, Bosk by Floodgate Games captured my attention because of the absolutely gorgeous components. The artwork does a great job of transporting the player into a beautiful forest. It is colorful and vibrant.  I am always looking to add more area control into my collection, and I am excited to see if the mechanics capture my heart as much as the artwork has!

Floor Plan
Floor Plan’s Cover from Deep Water Games

Welcome To by Deep Water Games has been our most played game of 2019. I am extremely excited to see what else Deep Water Games has up their sleeves.  Floor Plan stood out to me especially. It is a new roll and write that will be available.  I am absolutely loving the roll and write trend and I cannot wait to see what they do with this one! One great thing I am already seeing with it is the diversity in the artwork. I appreciate it when there is a focus on making games accessible and relatable to everyone when it thematically makes sense to do so.

One thought on “5 Games I am Excited to (Hopefully) Demo at Gen Con

  1. Hey! We’re excited about Isofarian Guard too! I’m on the Forteller Games team. We’ve loved the passion that’s going into all these games. Isofarian Guard has some dramatic moments so far. We have permission to share a good portion of some of the early bird of the game.

    Catch us on the floor or reach out direct. Look for the purple shirts with our logo.


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