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Review of Kingdomino Duel

Game: Kingdomino Duel Designer: Bruno Cathala Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2 Players Playtime: 20-30 Minutes Play Type: Roll and Write   Synopsis: You have been entrusted to create a powerful kingdom. Your job is to divide your kingdom amongst your loyal dignitaries to create a strong cohesive kingdom. Gather the help of wizard’s magic… Continue reading Review of Kingdomino Duel

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Review of Maki Stack

  Game: Maki Stack Designer: Jeff Lai Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-6 players Playtime: 10-20 Minutes Play Type: Dexterity Synopsis: It is time to show off your sushi stacking skills. Compete against the other team as you race to have the best presentation in the shortest time. The players that can complete the pattern first will win be… Continue reading Review of Maki Stack

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Three Challenges of Using Board Games in the Classroom

One of my goals for this year is to use more board games in my classroom. I will be teaching geography and 7th grade English, so there are many games that could be implemented. My trouble has never been finding games that fit with my curriculum. Due to the variety and quality of games that… Continue reading Three Challenges of Using Board Games in the Classroom