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Review of Hedgehog Hop

  Game: Hedgehog Hop Designer: Seppy Yoon Published: Fight In a Box Games Players: 2-3 Players Playtime: 12 Minutes Play Type:  Tile Placement/ Set Collection ***This review was completed based on prototype rules and components. All elements are subject to change*** Synopsis: The rival hedgehog dance crews have gathered, and it is their time to… Continue reading Review of Hedgehog Hop

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Charity in Gaming

As it is getting toward the holiday season, we tend to shift our attention towards the people around us. For me, this means getting involved with a variety of volunteering positions and charities, some that involve gaming and some that do not. Today, November 3rd, marks an important day for two of the charities that… Continue reading Charity in Gaming

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Review of Maki Stack

  Game: Maki Stack Designer: Jeff Lai Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-6 players Playtime: 10-20 Minutes Play Type: Dexterity Synopsis: It is time to show off your sushi stacking skills. Compete against the other team as you race to have the best presentation in the shortest time. The players that can complete the pattern first will win be… Continue reading Review of Maki Stack

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Above and Below Review

Game:  Above and Below Designer: Ryan Laukat Published: Red Raven Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 1 Hour- 1 Hour 30 Minutes Play Type: Story Telling   Synopsis: You have fled a vicious barbarian attack. After an exhausting trek across unforgiving landscapes you have finally found the perfect place for a new settlement. This new land has… Continue reading Above and Below Review