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My Favorite D&D PC


I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 2 years now. During that time, I have played over 20 characters. Those characters have a wide range of classes and races. Today, I want to tell you a little bit about my favorite of those characters. Tin-Tin the goblin war wizard has a mind of his own, and tends to get himself into some chaos here and there.


Something about the backstory and personality of Tin-Tin just appeals to me. I first fell in love with the character idea after our party ran into a goblin NPC, who went on to overthrow their bugbear overlord. We named him Tin-Tin the Shaman. I loved the idea of a chaotic spell casting goblin. He has morphed into his own character since then, but he is so fun to play. Now, despite him being my favorite character to play, he is not my strongest or most capable character. Being a goblin he is far from the best wizard you have seen.


This young Goblin was kicked out of his tribe of Batiri goblins after setting one too many things on fire, and then traveled north to Waterdeep.. On his trip, he stumbled upon a Hat of Wizardry. He wears this hat everywhere…because it has some pretty cool stars on it. He also picked up a really nice stick. He believes that this stick is embedded with magical properties and he uses it as his focus…when in reality his Hat of Wizardry actually acts as his focus.


When he finally reached Waterdeep, he was just seeking some simple work to keep himself busy in the big city. Well, as always his chaotic nature does not do well with laying low. He falls into some trouble, and ends up fascinated with the Xanathar. You can find him walking around with a stuffed Xanathar tied to his back. This doesn’t end well frequently for him when dealing with guards and other authority. He has floated from adventuring party to adventuring party, but has never really settled into a campaign.



The next book that is coming out will probably be where I settle young Tin-Tin. I have had to put him into retirement for a little while, due to the current season of Adventure’s League. I mainly play Adventurer’s League, which is an organized play group for Dungeons and Dragons. If you are familiar with Adventurer’s League you may know that there are certain rules and restrictions that players must have to follow to be able to play.

Tin-Tin is special to me, because he was made with a cert which allows me to bypass the rule that only allows the player’s handbook plus one other book for character creation. The cert is one I won at Gencon, and they are not super common. That being said, Tin-Tin is a goblin that is able to use Xanathar’s Guide to everything which is not possible in AL without a cert. If you play Adventurer’s League you may also be aware that this season is the season of the death curse. While playing Tomb of Annihilation in this season, death is a permanent affliction and can cause a character to permanently die. I normally don’t mind this, but I love Tin-Tin too if he died, I could never remake him or a character like him. I only have one cert for the non +1 goblin.  Until I finish Tomb of Annihilation he is in retirement, but once he is playable again he will be causing havoc in campaigns and at conventions.

I would love if you would share some of your favorite player characters as well! Give me who they are and tell me some backstory on them, or your favorite adventure they have been on.

One thought on “My Favorite D&D PC

  1. I had a centaur named Kavollo. Long story short he has lost his daughter and wife to a plague before the adventure started. Towards the end the party was trying to make a deal with a kobold who had acquired a large mechincal device. This device was the only way to get out of the dungeion. The kobold said that we would only take Kavollo first born as payment. At this Kavollo lost his sh*t and charged at the kobold. This almost resulted in a TPK. The rest of the players did not know his background so they totally confused as to what was going on. Luckly the party was able to make it out but not unharmed.


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