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My Little Scythe News

My little scythe.jpg

There is some very exciting news coming from Stonemaier Games today! They have announced that they will be creating a full production copy of My Little Scythe, based off the award winning print and play created by designer Hoby Chou. Jamey was showing off some of the components on his Wednesday live stream. I loved seeing the amazing chibi miniatures. There will be some similar mechanics to the original Scythe, however many mechanics will be changed. It will be it’s own game, that will appeal to both families and adults alike. It is not just a family copy of Scythe, but a brand new game that has some connections to the Scythe universe. I am extremely excited to finally have a Stonemaier Game that I can teach to my adorable little nieces.

The pre-order is up on Stonemaier’s Website. Remember that if you are a Stonemaier Champion you will receive the game early, get a discount on the pre-order AND get free shipping (USA) or reduced shipping (International). If you are interested in trying it out, head over to Tabletopia. It is already playable online. You can get a feeling for whether this game will be something you would like to add to your collection.

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