Review of Rolling Realms

Game: Rolling Realms Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-6 Playtime: 30-45 Minutes Play Type:Roll and Write Synopsis: You are given the opportunity to experience a variety of mini-games inspired by the various other titles in the Stonemaier Games’ repertoire. Additionally, other game titles have been added by way of card pack expansions. This… Continue reading Review of Rolling Realms

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Review of Red Rising

Game: Red Rising Published: Stonemaier Games Designers:  Jamey Stegmaier and Alexander Schmidt Players: 1-6 Playtime: 45- 60 Minutes Play Type: Hand Management, Combo Building Synopsis: Red Rising from Stonemaier Games is based off the first trilogy in the Red Rising Series from Pierce Brown. The setting is a dystopian society that has been broken into a caste system divided by… Continue reading Review of Red Rising

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Review of Viticulture Digital Edition

Game: ViticultureDigital Publisher: DigiDicedDesigner: Jamey StegmaierPlayers: 1-6Playtime: 45 MinutesPlay Type: Digital Worker Placement***This is a review of the digital adaptation of Viticulture. If you want my full review of the gameplay of Viticulture you can find that information here.***Overview:Positives:No Set Up/ Take Down TimeCan be Played from a DistanceGreat AestheticChallenging AIStrong Tutorial for BeginnersNegatives:Fiddly User InterfaceNot Able… Continue reading Review of Viticulture Digital Edition

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Review of Tapestry

Game: Tapestry Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-5 Players Playtime: 90-120 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement, Resource Management   Synopsis: You have been left in charge of growing and nurturing your civilization, developing a thriving future as it continues to develop. Tell the civilization’s story through this Tapestry, and try to develop the… Continue reading Review of Tapestry


Review: Scythe Encounters Promo Pack

What is it? Scythe Encounters is a promo pack released for Scythe. It contains 32 new Encounter cards that were designed by fans. The art seen on cards is seen other places throughout the game, however the art used has never before been used for Encounter cards. It retails at 20$ USD. It is not… Continue reading Review: Scythe Encounters Promo Pack

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My Little Scythe News

There is some very exciting news coming from Stonemaier Games today! They have announced that they will be creating a full production copy of My Little Scythe, based off the award winning print and play created by designer Hoby Chou. Jamey was showing off some of the components on his Wednesday live stream. I loved… Continue reading My Little Scythe News

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Review of Viticulture Essential Edition

Game: Viticulture Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Players: 1-6 Playtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes-2 Hours Play Type: Worker Placement   Synopsis:   You have inherited a vineyard in Tuscany. Your dream is to take this modest vineyard into an abundantly successful venture.  Starting with just a simple crush pad, a small crush pad, and 3… Continue reading Review of Viticulture Essential Edition

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Review of Scythe

Game: Scythe Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-5 Base Game, 1-7 with Expansion Playtime: 2-3 Hours Type: Engine Builder Synopsis: Scythe is set in Jakub Rozalski's 1920's+ universe. In the game you'll find yourself controlling a faction trying to rebuild their country after the first Great War. Your faction will try to stake… Continue reading Review of Scythe