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May 2018 Top 10 Most Wanted


The month of May is a time that I have to be especially cognizant of what is on my top most wanted list. My Birthday is on May 21st, and many of my family members find me difficult to buy for. They know I love board games, but they also know I have about 300 and it is hard to choose one I don’t have. This means they ask my husband, who in turn has to ask me. As a way to make it easier for both of us, I always keep a list of 10-25 games in May that I am interested in buying. This allows him to not have to ask me all the time, and also helps keep a secret from me. It is really amazing to have such a great family who goes above and beyond to give presents that they know I would love. I figured I would share with you today which games have made my top 10, not in a specific order though.


    1. Terra Mystica- I have a special love for asymmetrical games.  Add into this, that it is a Euro Game and I am pretty sold. Honestly, I have heard so many good things about this that I want to see for myself. I know that Gaia Project is the new hotness with Terra Mystica, but I do prefer the fantasy theme.
    2. Capital Lux- I have been searching for this game for quite some time. I fell in love with this game at game night about a year ago, and have had a really difficult time actually finding it. It is a card drafting game with a unique mechanic of balancing your points with the points in the middle. It keeps players engaged and on their toes.
    3. Feast for Odin- I love worker placement and I love Viking themed games. Uwe Rosenberg has provided me with many of my favorite worker placement games. Seeing that this game has a variety of things to do and ways to win, I am excited to try it out.
    4. Paperback- Paperback is another game that I tried at game night about a year ago. I enjoyed the mixture of deck building with the word building aspect. As an English teacher, I would love to have 10 copies of this one for my classroom. I just have not had the chance to pick it up yet.
    5. When I Dream- I love games that are all about hidden communication. It is because of this that I love Mysterium and Dixit. I have heard that When I Dream does this in a lovely way with beautiful artwork. I also love party games. The mixture of the two makes me really excited about this one.
    6. Spirit Island- This game is really a beautiful game. I enjoy cooperative games, and I have heard the decision making in this game requires a lot of strategy. Games that have a thinky aspect tend to go over very well with me.
    7. Port Royal- Another game I fell in love with at board game night. I played this game before it was readily available in the US. It is one of my favorite push your luck games I have played, and it is short enough to play in 15-20 minutes. Wonderful little filler game.
    8. Fog of Love- The theme is what draws me into this game. I think it would be funny to play with either my husband or my mom.
    9. Altiplano-….have you seen the first player token? Enough said.
    10. Alchemists- This is another one that has caught my eye because of theme and components. Researching more into it, I have found that I think I would really enjoy the game. I like that it has some player interaction involved in it.



What do you think? Are these games you’re interested in? What would be your list?

4 thoughts on “May 2018 Top 10 Most Wanted

  1. I just got Altiplano yesterday.
    My top want list (in no particular order, based on what is available right now) would be:
    1. Gaia Project
    2. Transatlantic
    3. Asgard
    4. Cobras
    5. Pot de Vin
    6. Decrypto

    There are several games coming out that i am interested in including Nusfjord from Uwe Rosenberg and Carpe Diem from Stefan Feld.


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