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D&D Party? More like family

This past weekend was a blur of being sick, which isn’t unusual for me. Being a new teacher I get sick once every three months very consistently. Now lately our availability for our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game has been very inconsistent due to parties, birthdays and graduations. We were set to play this weekend, and I didn’t want to be the reason we waited another month to play. I napped until my party members arrived, and then when I finally crawled out of my hole, probably looking like death had risen, one of my party members had a smoothie in hand for me.

Now this is impressive on multiple fronts, as we did not have a blender, nor fruit. He went to the store and got all the necessary fixings to make me smoothies. Another party member had stopped and gotten a variety of fruit juices for me.

We played for a couple hours and when I got tired, the entire group paused so I could take a two hour nap. They patiently hung out until I was awake enough to play our second campaign.

It has me reflecting on how incredibly lucky I am to have found such a great adventuring party. I know that they will not only have my back in the game, but also if anything goes wrong in real life I can count on them to be there for me. We are definitely a modge podge group, but the four guys I play with have really become like a second family to me over the last two years.

2 thoughts on “D&D Party? More like family

  1. Love reading things line this- D&D really is a social game, you can get so close to the people you play with. Our starter set campaign definitely brought our group closer together and actually led us to start up quest friends gaming! Hope you feel better!


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