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Legends of Omeria Preview

Game: Legends of Omeria Publisher: DM Dave Play Type: Role Playing Game Starter Set System: Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Kickstarter Link: https://legends-of-omeria-starter-set.kckb.st/04b6dbde ***This is a preview of Legends of Omeria, currently on Kickstarter. Some aspects of the game are subject to change*** What’s in the Box? (Subject to Change Based on Kickstarter Campaign) 32 Page Rule Book… Continue reading Legends of Omeria Preview


10 Reasons to Attend Gamehole Con

We spent last weekend enjoying our yearly trip up to Gamehole Con in Madison Wisconsin. It is one of my favorite conventions of the year, and I would love to see it continue to grow. If you have not been to this one, here are ten reasons you should consider going next year.  Family Friendly… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Attend Gamehole Con

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Review of The DM Solution Accessory Case

Product: The DM Solution Accessory Case Creator: Hrothgar’s Hoard Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658949603/1499918819   Product Description The DM’s Solution created by John Pratt of Hrothgar’s Hoard is an all in one tool for a Dungeon Master. Today we will be taking a look at the Accessory Case which can either be purchased independently of the full DM Solution, or… Continue reading Review of The DM Solution Accessory Case

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Team NZS Plays D&D Live for Extra Life

Today is the big day for Team NZS for Extra Life. We have spent the last month preparing for a D&D campaign that we will be live streaming every other Friday at 8 pm CDT. Our goal with this live stream is raise money for Extra Life for Kids by providing an engaging and interactive… Continue reading Team NZS Plays D&D Live for Extra Life


Painting Journal 6/27

With it being summer, I have been very busy painting. Since my last painting journal, I have completed two projects. The first was The Grimm Forest by Druid City Games, which had large and intricate models. I really enjoy painted them because they each had interesting textures and bases to complete the look. It took… Continue reading Painting Journal 6/27

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Disappointing Changes in Adventures League Play

I have been an avid D&D Adventures League player for the last three years, playing multiple sessions each week and attending conventions for the sole reason of playing. I was looking forward to seeing what season 8 would bring for AL and what changes would be coming for players. After listening to yesterday's Twitch stream… Continue reading Disappointing Changes in Adventures League Play

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D&D Party? More like family

This past weekend was a blur of being sick, which isn't unusual for me. Being a new teacher I get sick once every three months very consistently. Now lately our availability for our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game has been very inconsistent due to parties, birthdays and graduations. We were set to play this weekend,… Continue reading D&D Party? More like family

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The Pros and Cons of D&D Adventurers League

It's Saturday! Saturday means I will spend my day playing Dungeons and Dragons. I figure why not write about it as well? The majority of time that I have spent playing D&D has been playing Adventurers League (AL) with the exception of a a few campaigns and play tests we have done. If you want… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of D&D Adventurers League