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Team NZS Plays D&D Live for Extra Life

Today is the big day for Team NZS for Extra Life. We have spent the last month preparing for a D&D campaign that we will be live streaming every other Friday at 8 pm CDT. Our goal with this live stream is raise money for Extra Life for Kids by providing an engaging and interactive stream. In addition to playing D&D during these streams, we will also be doing live giveaways to people who have donated to our campaign. Here is the link to our Twitch:

We encourage you to join us tonight as our five adventurers meet for the first time at a tavern in Neverwinter. We are bound for great adventure, and you could have an impact on what happens tonight! During our live stream, we will be encouraging our viewers to donate to our player of the week. Depending on how much money is donated, you can impact the game play and take part in our adventure as a viewer. Here is the link to our Extra Life Team Page:

Let’s take a look at those donation tiers:

  • Donate $5: You can choose to give one player or the DM inspiration
  • Donate $10: You may choose any player or the DM and force that player’s next roll to either be a Natural 20 or a Natural 1. (I may need this help! I am a chronic low roller!)
  • Donate $50: You will work with our DM to roll a random encounter. Then you will get to sit back and watch as we try to deal with what you threw at us!

The great news about these donations is that every dollar goes to Extra Life for Kids to help children get the medical treatment they need. There is also a benefit to you though. Every dollar donated gives you an extra entry into our weekly giveaways, and you will have the opportunity to win some great games and gaming accessories.

We hope that you will join us tonight at the tavern!

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