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Legends of Omeria Preview

228CD2D1-310C-46BA-917C-C79F75F94BB8Game: Legends of Omeria

Publisher: DM Dave

Play Type: Role Playing Game Starter Set

System: Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Kickstarter Link: https://legends-of-omeria-starter-set.kckb.st/04b6dbde

***This is a preview of Legends of Omeria, currently on Kickstarter. Some aspects of the game are subject to change***

What’s in the Box? (Subject to Change Based on Kickstarter Campaign)


  • 32 Page Rule Book That Introduces Core Fifth Edition Ruleset
  • 64 Page Adventure, Winds of Vapul
  • 120 Cardboard Punchout Miniatures by Paper Forge
  • 4 Double-Sided Battle Mats with 8 Different Map Designs by Cze/Peru
  • 18 Magic Item Cards
  • 7 Polyhedral Dice Officially Branded by DM Dave
  • 4 Custom Character Sheets

Legends of Omeria is a D&D Fifth Edition compatible starter set that includes an adventure, Winds of Vapul, that will bring characters from level one to five. The starter set is designed so that players who have never played D&D Fifth Edition will be able to start to learn the ruleset and play a campaign without having to purchase any additional materials. The box includes all necessary materials for a first time campaign.

Experienced D&D Fifth Edition players may also be interested in adding Legends of Omeria to their collection. The adventure, Winds of Vapul provides players with a brand new adventure and setting to explore. Additionally, the rule book introduces a new class called The Channeler and also two new playable races called Arnitikos and Hindas. Players may choose to start Winds of Vapul as an independent campaign of weave it into another on going campaign.  Due to the Legends of Omeria being fifth edition compatible, it is a great option for those looking to expand their campaign and introduce new elements into the game.

In addition to adding new elements to the game play, it does provide some alternate rules for skills, proficiencies, backgrounds and alignments. This would benefit those looking to provide more depth into the system that is put into place by the D&D Fifth Edition Ruleset. The system is also designed to have easy virtual tabletop integration. Players will be able to easily play Legends of Omeria digitally if that is their preferred play style.

As an educator, I could see the Legends of Omeria starter set being especially useful for other teachers interested in starting a D&D club at school. The condensed rule set and premade characters could help students learn the ruleset to 5th Edition before introducing them to more complex campaigns. Everything that is needed to create an engaging story is included in the box, making it easy to store in the classroom and a relatively inexpensive way to bring RPGs into a small group classroom setting.

The campaign is currently live and will continue to be live until July 16th 2020. There are options for physical pledges, digital pledges or combined physical and digital content. I highly suggest checking out the Kickstarter linked at the top to find out more information and see if Legends of Omeria would be a great fit for your table.







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