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Playing Games with my Father

Hello! I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out with a funeral in the morning and had my usual Dungeons and Dragons right after.


Today in the United States it is Father’s Day. Today I wanted to talk about my father’s impact on board gaming.  My dad has been the slowest in the family to warm up to board gaming, sitting that long in the uncomfortable table chairs has never been his preference. However, that makes it so much more special when he does play with us. Recently, he has been joining us for games much more frequently.

I always get really excited when he agrees to play a game with us.  It is a treat to play with him and share that family time with him. I challenge myself to find games that he will like. Games that are short, simple and yet engaging and fun. This way he doesn’t have to sit super long, or learn overly complex rules as he is not a huge fan of learning the rules to all my games.

The best kind of game to play with my dad is the escape room type games. I am completely convinced that my dad is a genius. Without a doubt, with the harder Unlock! modules and Exit the Rooms there is no way we would even finish without my dad’s analytical and creative thinking. I enjoy those experiences with him, and it always leads to interesting discussion and sharing of ideas. There are times that I am completely stuck on an idea but he figures it out instantly.  I love bouncing ideas off him and watching him work through a problem. He is stubborn and works until he solves problems. I look up to him immensely in those ways.

While my dad is a busy man, I always really appreciate when he takes the time to sit down and play a game with us. I cherish that time we get to spend together, and really look forward to it. Lately I have been so happy he has decided to play with us more frequently, as I feel that the time spent playing games is more connected than watching TV or doing other activities we might do while visiting. I am lucky to have a dad who will sit down and do something I love just to spend time with me. I feel privileged to have such a close family, with those willing to try something just because other family members love it.

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