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Decking Out a Board Gaming Room


I moved into my new house a little over a year ago, and when we looked around this week we realized that we still had not started to decorate our new place. Not a single piece of art, or photograph lined the walls. We still have not even fully furnished one room in our house. We decided that we would start to decorate the house room by room. Our first room we decided would be our “hangout room” which is the room that houses all my board games, a small couch and soon to be TV for video games, and a small table for when we play two player board games. On the side of this room is my painting closet, where I spend a good deal of my time painting miniatures.

I really want this room to reflect my love for board gaming, as it is where I spent a lot of my time, writing blogs, reading and just hanging out. I have been considering some ways in which I want to bring that love for board gaming into the room further. Here are five things that I want to add to this room to make it feel more board gaming focused.

  • Meepillows: My goal is to have a Meepillow in every color to act as the couch cushions for the hangout room couch. I already have three Meepillow’s (Red, Green, Purple) and absolutely love how squishy and comfortable they are. They also bring a great pop of color into an otherwise grey room.
  • Gaming Table: We already have one gaming table in our dining room, but it was much too large for the hangout room. We had that one made by Roanoke Custom Gaming Tables, and they did a phenomenal job. I would love to add another small gaming table in our hangout room.
  • Wall Art:
    • Mipol. Art– I love the prints that Mipol Art does. Their prints manage to take something as simple as a meeple and turn it into a work of art that I would happily hang on my wall.
    • Prints from Jakub Rozalski– I love Scythe, and a huge part of the reason I love Scythe is the artwork included in the game. I have a few prints of Jakub’s that I plan on incorporating into our house, though I am not sure that they will go into the hangout room. More likely they will go in the dining room above our other gaming table.
    • Wall Art from RPG Coasters– I love the wall art that RPG Coasters releases. We have several of their coasters, and I would definitely want to add some of their wall art throughout the house as well. I also plan on adding some of their dice towers to our collection. Their products are also high quality.

That is my plan to start off. Do you have any gaming decorations throughout your house? Is there anything else that you think I should check out for my hangout room?

3 thoughts on “Decking Out a Board Gaming Room

  1. For a couple of years I used the boxes from game expansion sets as wall art in my game room. I drove small screws into the wall through the box bottoms and then put the lid on. I took them down earlier this year because I had acquired other things I wanted to put up instead, but I may put them up again at some point.


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