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Five More Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

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In 8 Days I will be leaving for Gencon. Last week Tuesday I shared five of the games I was excited to try at Gencon. Today I will share five more games that I am looking forward to trying and potentially buying. Feel free to share any games that you are also excited to see!

  1. Root- I love asymmetrical games. Leder Games provides a unique take on asymmetrical games, taking them one step further than just having unique character abilities. Each player has different goals and winning conditions in this game. This one appeals to me more than their other popular title Vast: The Crystal Caverns. Root seems to lend itself well to player interaction, and replay-ability.
  2. Pikoko- My interest in this one is partially because of sentimental value. When my husband and I got engaged, we were at a zoo and right as it happened a giant peacock walked by, tail fluffed out in all it’s glory. It is something I still remember vividly, despite the excitement. We went on to have a peacock themed wedding, connecting back to that moment. When I heard there was a peacock themed board game I absolutely knew I had to try it. I am excited not only because of the theme though, but also because Brain Games also is behind Ice Cool, another one of our family’s favorite filler games. While I am excited to try Ice Cool 2, I think Pikoko will take the cake for Brain Games this year for me. Another reason I am excited for Pikoko is the high level of player interaction. Throughout the game, players do not play cards for themselves, but rather for the players on their left.  I can’t wait to try this one.
  3. Sword Crafters- Adams Apple Games has become a staple of convention experience for my husband and myself.  One of the few publishers that attended Gamehole Con our first year, we ended up purchasing Brewin’ USA a fun bidding game focused around creating the best beers for different states in the USA. Last year at Gencon we picked up Food Truck Frenzy.  A quick filler game that revolves around push your luck and player interaction. Sword Crafters also stood out to me this year. It has great table presence as players compete to develop the best sword, being scored on length, and types of gems on the sword. There is player interaction as players decide how to divide and cut the share of the gems, and do their best to build with the section they receive. I love games with standout components, and the 3D swords definitely stand out.
  4. Tidal Blades- While not yet available for purchase, I am definitely looking forward to checking out Tidal Blades by Druid City Games. The Grimm Forest has recently taken the place of one of the most played games on our shelf. The quality of components and game play has me looking forward to this title.  Add to the fact that Tidal Blades has beautiful art from what has been released thus far, and it is a worker placement game, it becomes a match made in heaven for me.
  5. Cryptid- Social deduction is another mechanic that I really enjoy.  Generally whenever someone asks me to try one out, I end up falling in love. I love the social and player interaction focus that these games present. Cryptid is a social deduction game where players are competing as cryptozoologists find the lair of Cryptid. Players compete to get clues from one another, without giving too much information away to their competitors, after all only one person can have the glory of the discovery.  Beyond the social deduction aspect, I am also a huge fan of the art style of the game. It will be available to demo at Gencon, and I am hoping to get a chance to play it.

Expect one final list of five more games a week from today! Only 8 more days until Gencon! I hope to see some of you there!

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