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Updates for Gencon Week

Today I just wanted to do a brief announcement about this week. Gencon is this week Wednesday-Sunday, and during that time I will not be writing my daily blog post. Blogging takes a couple hours out of my day, and while I love it I simply won’t have time during Gencon to write quality posts. I am not attending Gencon with a press pass this year, and for that reason I won’t be spending a ton of time doing interviews. The time that I would spend towards interviews I will instead be putting towards playing and demoing as many games as possible. Then after Gencon I promise I will come back and share about the experience and the games I played.

However if you would still like to keep up with me during Gencon, I suggest following my Instagram account MackotheMeeple. I will be posting updates about games I’m playing and my experiences. If you are attending Gencon and you see me, be sure to come over and say hi! If you stop for a quick picture with me, I’ll even give you one of the neat pins in the picture. They look great on lanyards!

Tomorrow will be my last post for this week. Those of you traveling to Gencon, safe travels and I hope to see you there! Those of you not attending, I hope you get some game time in! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

One thought on “Updates for Gencon Week

  1. Love your buttons Mackenzie! Wish I could join you and everyone else at GenCon, but other commitments won out. – Have fun and I’ll be following on InstaGram


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