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Five Kickstarters to Check Out In July 2018

As we reach the end of July, I figured it would be a good time to get a look at some interesting Kickstarters that are happening. Here are five Kickstarters that have recently caught my eye:

  1. Miremarsh- This is a game where players will control goblins who are fighting to be the champion of the swamp. The game includes beautiful miniatures. I suggest it for players who enjoy dice rollers, miniature games, or dungeon dwelvers. There are many stretch goals unlocked, and there are only 15 hours to go! If you are interested you want to act quickly!
  2. Rurik: Dawn of Kiev- This game includes 71 miniatures, wooden resources and lovely artwork. The game has aspects of area control, resource management, combat, among other mechanics. It has plenty of direct player interaction. It is in it’s last 50 hours of funding so another one to act quickly on.
  3. Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons and Doggies- This one is great for RPG fans. It includes 12 miniatures depicting dogs as traditional adventuring rolls. Also included are rules for the characters and an adventure focusing on them. The miniatures are adorable. It is already funded with only 42 more hours to go!
  4. Doobers- Doobers is a deck building game that is focused on adventuring through a dungeon. Players compete to be the first adventurer to get the key, but must balance between their own quest and setting traps for fellow players. I liked the player interaction present, and the player’s being forced to balance their action economy. It is already funded and will be on Kickstarter for the next 25 days.
  5. Call to Adventure- The beautiful cover on this game drew my eye. I was further intrigued by the theme. Players spend the game trying to build a character. Through their card choices they will either build a hero or villain. Being a fan of the Fable video game series, this really stood out to me as a unique and potentially a lot of fun game. It is already funded with 14 more days in the campaign!
    Runner Up:
    Nunami- This game boasts to be the first Inuit designed board game. The theme focuses on humans and wildlife living in harmony, and players must balance how they place different tiles to balance out their hexes. I like that this is able to be played outside and seems to provide simple game play with a variety of choices in how player’s set up their individual boards. That doesn’t mean I am without concern on the project though. The designer is a first time creator, and the funding goal seems very high for the price of the product. Additionally there is no rulebook currently posted. I don’t believe it will fund this time around, but the interesting concept and versatility maybe something you want to check out when it reposts.

One thought on “Five Kickstarters to Check Out In July 2018

  1. Thank you for the list. I had my eyes on Miremarsh, but my budget doesn’t allow it unfortunately. I backed Jetpack Joyride instead, because of the parallel play where everyone scrabbles for the best Tetris style piece to complete their journey through the lab.


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