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Gaming Accessory Review: Hrothgar’s Hoard Wands

Accessory: Handmade Acid Wand

Creator: Hrothgar’s Hoard




I had the opportunity to meet with John Pratt of Hrothgar’s Hoard at Gen Con to discuss an upcoming Kickstarter project. He showed me their Dice Wands which will be launched via Kickstarter in September. One of my most interesting interviews to date, I got to learn a lot about the process of making the wand, and some of the difficulties of making each wand by hand. I was fascinated to hear that every single wand would be handmade with a beautiful mix of acrylics and quality hardwood. This allows wands to have some differentiation and uniqueness to them. This project is truly a labor of love.



  • Quality Wood and Acrylic
  • Variety of Types of Magic (Acid, Fire, Earth, Ect)
  • Potential for Some Custom Design Work
  • Variety of Acrylic and Woods Available
  • Inside Holds Mini Dice, Small Pencil, or Rolled Up Paper


  • Too Small for a Regular Sized Dice Set or Pencil
  • Too Large for a Child’s Hand

I was able to take a wand home with my for further inspection and review. There is no doubt in my mind the quality of this piece. It was able to travel with me from Gen Con to home with no damage, which was a major concern of mine picking it up at a convention.  This has a lot to do with the fact that Hrothgar’s Hoard works with a variety of quality hardwoods that allow for sturdiness while still having beautiful color and feel to them.  The wand feels really nice inside the hand, as the handle is just the right width and length for an adult hand to hold. The wand would be too wide for a child’s hand though.


However with it being the proper width for an adult’s hand, it also meant that the storage space within the wand is a little too narrow for a traditional set of dice. It is also a little short to hold something like a traditional sized pen or pencil. Despite the fact that it won’t hold a full sized pen/pencil or a full set of dice, I could still see this accessory as being useful especially for someone looking to do a cosplay at a convention. Inside of the wand is big enough to hold a set of miniature dice and things like a rolled up paper or a small pencil. Someone who was looking to cosplay a wizard or magic focused entity could easily put their convention schedule, and some mini dice into their wand beforehand and be prepared for the day. This helps keep track of those small things, while not needing pockets or pouches to store them in. Instead they will blend seamlessly into the costume.


Players will have the opportunity to find a wand that fits the character they hope to portray as well. Each wand is handmade, meaning that there can be a variety of acrylics and woods, mixed and matched to create the perfect wand for your character. When I visited the booth there were beautiful wands to represent elements like fire, earth, and acid. Each of the wands had a different wood base. I absolutely fell in love with the acid wand acrylic that contrasted with the soft purple of the purpleheart wood. It reminded me of my druid from my current campaign, and has inspired me to potentially put together a cosplay of it for Gamehole Con in November. I am excited to see which combinations will come out during the Kickstarter in September.

It is important to remember that with handmade quality often comes a slightly higher price. After talking to John, I learned about just how difficult it can be to work with the acrylics needed to make the wand. They are not easy to work with, and thus the wands with the acrylics do have a price tag fitting of the work that goes into it. They are quality handmade table top accessories, and while I do not know the exact amount that the wands will start at for Kickstarter, I do know that they may not be in everyone’s price range. These are really going to be for people who are looking for a stand out piece in their next RPG session, or something to pull their cosplay together for their next convention.

I have no doubt in my mind that it is worth the price. The product overall is beautiful, and could definitely be the centerpiece for a Dungeon Master or costume. The wands are a stunning quality piece, that are made by hand by a small business. The ability to work to get exactly what you want stands out to me. I am looking forward to seeing their Kickstarter, that should be released on September 11th. As soon as that goes live, I will share the link here and on my various other social media channels.

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