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The Meeple Street Takes on Extra Life


IMG_20180813_072116_564EXTRA LIFE PAGE

I have no qualms about sharing just how much board gaming has been a life changing event for me. It has helped me manage my depression, connect with others, and create life long friendships. Recently I have been wondering if there was a way to give back to the community in some way using board gaming, as it has given to me. Yesterday I was invited to work with NonZeroSum Games on their team for Extra Life. I was beyond excited and I am hoping to reach a goal of 200$.

I have created a fairly large community among my different social media accounts, and I donate a lot of time and effort into helping people in the community find the right games for them.  I am hoping that this community will now help me give back to a larger community by donating as little as ONE DOLLAR. If every person on my social media donated just ONE DOLLAR, we would have raised over FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. While I know not everyone will, I am hoping that 3% will go out of their way to help me reach my goal.

So what is Extra Life? Extra Life is a company that works with gamers spanning through board gaming and video gaming alike to give back to hospitals focused on helping children.  Any money raised will go to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, in this case Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to help fund treatments for children in need or continue to provide updated equipment and medical services for the hospital.

As an educator the idea of giving back not only to the community, but to children in need is such a brilliant idea. The number of children I will teach that will need services from a hospital just like this one is a sad truth in my occupation. The idea that my hobby could give back to help my kiddos in a meaningful way makes me beam with pride.

Now, I ask you. Do you have ONE DOLLAR you could share with me to help me reach my goal? If not, I challenge you to make a team and fund raise for a hospital. If you want to donate to my page you can click the picture above or go to this link.  To encourage my community I will be doing a cross media giveaway on table top day for Extra Life which is August 25th. If we manage to hit our goal before then, I will add another game to that giveaway.

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