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October 2018 Kickstarters to Check Out

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Wow! September flew by, and with October starting, it is time to share my monthly Kickstarters that have caught my eye! This month there seems to be a lot of great games and gaming accessories being released. Here are five different campaigns that I will be watching closely throughout October and potentially backing!

  1. D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!: I love Certifiable Studios and the Kickstarters they run. In the past I have backed both Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove and Stuffed. Both campaigns were engaging and while I have not yet received Stuffed, I love the game play in Endangered Orphans. Fantasy is a favorite theme of mine, so the hint towards traditional role playing games stands out to me as something I may really like. If you are interested follow the link, the last day to back this one will be October 31st.
  2. Dragon Slayer: RPG & Cosplay Wands: People who have met me at conventions may know I have a love for dressing up and cosplay. I love that these wands are both functional as a cosplay piece and can hold things like emergency dice! They are also hand made and absolutely stunning, so it is definitely one to keep your eye on if you have any future cosplays planned. Their campaign will be live until October 29th.
  3. Space Explorers:  What really caught my eye about Space Explorers is the vintage art style through out the game. It really stands out, and gives a feeling of nostalgia. It is a great price point, and the Kickstarter page is laid out in a way that I feel like I can understand the game play just by looking at it. Which really instills confidence into me. I am also a big fan of Tableau Building games, so this would be right up my alley. Their Kickstarter will run until October 24th.
  4. Tidal Blades: Tidal Blades will be launching on October 16th, after a delay from last month. It features whimsical and bright art that draws the viewer in. Additionally it is a worker placement game, which is one of my favorite mechanics.  I am also excited to hear that the deluxe edition will feature miniatures. Painting the Grimm Forest miniatures was one of my favorite projects recently, so I am sure I will go in for the miniatures on this one too!
  5. Wardens: Wardens is another game with stunning art and the potential to dive into painting some miniatures. I have a soft spot for Lovecraft themed games, and the interesting mechanics in this one have caught my eyes. I am especially excited to see that the combat in the game is not dice oriented. Additionally, the game seems to be flexible offering cooperative, solo and one versus many modes to fit people’s needs. This one will be launching on October 9th, so keep your eyes peeled.

As always, keep in mind that these are not paid promotions. I am just sharing the campaigns that really stand out to me. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Are there other campaigns you think I should check out?

3 thoughts on “October 2018 Kickstarters to Check Out

  1. For me there is only one KS this month, and that is Spirit Island with its second expansion. I own nothing yet so I might go all in. Also, games I’m curious about are Valhalla, Cloudspire (the new Chip Theory Games title) and Heroes of Tenefyr (a Dutch production which makes me proud). Thanks for your roundup!


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