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Deluxe Arkham Horror LCG Giveaway



We are slowly creeping closer to Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than with a Halloween themed giveaway. I am teaming up with Top Shelf Gamer and Board Game Revolution to offer an extensive giveaway. If you win you will receive a copy of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Top Shelf Gamer’s Deluxe Token Bundle, Acrylic Directional Arrows, Wooden Travel Case, Formcore Inset, Sleeve Bundle and Two Keychains provided by Board Game Revolution. It all adds up to 190$ worth of Arkham Horror goodness.

For your chance to win follow this link: This giveaway is starting today (10/27) and will last until November 3rd at 7:00PM MDT. Unlike our last giveaway, this giveaway will be open world wide! Good luck everyone and happy early Halloween!

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