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Review of BG Expansions Upgrade Kit for Wingspan

Game: Wingspan

Store Name: BG Expansions (Link Here)

Accessory: Wingspan Food/ Action Cube Upgrade

Expansions Necessary for Use: No


**This is a review of the BG Expansions Upgrade Kit for Wingspan, my review of the base game can be found here***


  • Affordable
  • Great Table Presence
  • Easy to See on Board
  • More Thematic Player Experience
  • High Quality


  • Some Print Lines

Since Wingspan came out, I have been on the hunt for fitting upgrades for it. It is such a beautiful game, and I felt like the cubes and food tokens really deserved to stand out in the same way that the beautiful cards and player boards did. I was really happy upon seeing the BG Expansions Upgrade Kit for Wingspan. It allowed me to upgrade Wingspan and create a more thematic game play experience without sacrificing storage space or clarity on the board.

In addition to being thematic and very well-made, these upgrades are also pretty affordable. For both the bird houses and the food tokens, the cost is under just under 40 USD. It is possible to buy either item individually as well. This is half the price of many of the other upgrade options available, without sacrificing table presence.

I love the way the upgrades look and feel on the board. They are definitely high quality, and feel like they will last for a long time. Some people may be put off by the print lines that can be seen on the product, but it is something that is to be expected on any 3D printed object.

The nice thing with the food tokens being 3D is that they are now very easy to see on the board while they are cached on cards. It also makes them easier to pick up than the original food tokens. This is helpful for cards that allow players to cache food and tuck cards.

For players looking to take their copy of Wingspan to the next level, I would definitely suggest this upgrade kit. It brings new life into the game, without breaking the bank!

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