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Review of Roar and Write

Game: Roar and Write Published: Galactic Raptor Games Designers: Carla Kopp Players: 1-100 Playtime: 15 Minutes Play Type: Roll and Write Kickstarter Link:   ***This review was completed based off a prototype. All components and rules are subject to change. Photos have been provided by Galactic Raptor Games*** Synopsis: Roar and Write is a roll and write style game… Continue reading Review of Roar and Write

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Review of Dice Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology

Game: Dice Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology Published: Inkwell Games Designers: Toni Catino, Jesse Catron, Robin Gibson, Ryan Hope, Grace Kendall, Nat Levan, Joe Montgomery, Sarah & Will Reed, Behrooz Shahriari, Alexander Shen Players: Each Game Varies Between 1-6 Playtime: 15- 30 Minutes Play Type: Roll and Writes Synopsis: Dice Ink is a collection of roll and write games to… Continue reading Review of Dice Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology

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Legends of Omeria Preview

Game: Legends of Omeria Publisher: DM Dave Play Type: Role Playing Game Starter Set System: Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Kickstarter Link: ***This is a preview of Legends of Omeria, currently on Kickstarter. Some aspects of the game are subject to change*** What’s in the Box? (Subject to Change Based on Kickstarter Campaign) 32 Page Rule Book… Continue reading Legends of Omeria Preview

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Review of Viticulture Digital Edition

Game: ViticultureDigital Publisher: DigiDicedDesigner: Jamey StegmaierPlayers: 1-6Playtime: 45 MinutesPlay Type: Digital Worker Placement***This is a review of the digital adaptation of Viticulture. If you want my full review of the gameplay of Viticulture you can find that information here.***Overview:Positives:No Set Up/ Take Down TimeCan be Played from a DistanceGreat AestheticChallenging AIStrong Tutorial for BeginnersNegatives:Fiddly User InterfaceNot Able… Continue reading Review of Viticulture Digital Edition

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Review of Starlink

Game: Starlink Published: Blue Orange Games Designer: Markus Slawitscheck and Arno Steinwender Players: 3-6 Playtime: 30 Minutes Play Type: Party Games Synopsis: It is now your job to map the sky into a variety of picturesque constellations. Connect the stars in the sky to create a variety of masterpieces but then rely on your follow enthusiasts to name the constellations.… Continue reading Review of Starlink

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My Ten Favorite Board Game Apps

The last three months have been an odd time for board games in our household. We have been taking social distancing very seriously, so I have only been around my husband. Unfortunately, my husband’s work picked up a lot due to the pandemic, so he has not really had time to play games with me.… Continue reading My Ten Favorite Board Game Apps

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Review of My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky

Expansion: My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky Designer: Hoby Chou and Vienna Chou Publisher: Stonemaier Games     ***This is a review of the first expansion for My Little Scythe, if you are interested in a full My Little Scythe review you can find one here*** ComponentsMy Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky adds some great new components… Continue reading Review of My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky

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D&D Club for Schools: Going Digital

A few months ago, I started a D&D Club for seven of my students. After three session zeros, and three sessions of actual game play, the stay at home order was given. The order meant putting their adventure on pause until after spring break when we were supposed to return to school. Now it seems… Continue reading D&D Club for Schools: Going Digital

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Ways to Play While Social Distancing

The world has taken a stressful turn over the last couple of weeks. As hold in place orders are being placed around the world, it is important to keep everyone's health in mind even when we want to play games. However, it is also important to keep our own mental health in check as well,… Continue reading Ways to Play While Social Distancing

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Review of Root

Game: Root Designer: Cole Wehrle Published: Leder Games Players: 2-4 Players Playtime: 60-90 Minutes Play Type:  Asymmetric War Game Synopsis: You are a member of a proud faction of folk who dwell in the wilderness. Your goal is to capture the wilderness and take control before the other factions can get a hold on the space. Using… Continue reading Review of Root