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Review of The DM Solution

Product: The DM Solution Creator: Hrothgar’s Hoard Kickstarter Link:   Product Description The DM’s Solution created by John Pratt of Hrothgar’s Hoard is an all in one tool for a Dungeon Master. Included in it is a DM screen, white board, dice tower and dice tray, all conveniently enclosed in a wooden chest. Dungeon… Continue reading Review of The DM Solution

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The Difference Between Big Conventions and Small

As many of you know, this weekend is Origins which is hosted in Columbus Ohio. It is considered to be one of the most popular board gaming conventions in the United States with 17,000 people purchasing badges in 2017. This is second in the US only to Gencon which had 60,000 unique attendees last year.… Continue reading The Difference Between Big Conventions and Small