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Review of The DM Solution

Product: The DM Solution

Creator: Hrothgar’s Hoard

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Product Description


The DM’s Solution created by John Pratt of Hrothgar’s Hoard is an all in one tool for a Dungeon Master. Included in it is a DM screen, white board, dice tower and dice tray, all conveniently enclosed in a wooden chest. Dungeon Masters will be happy to find that the white boards are recessed into the wood of the DM Screen, and the dice tower can be connected to the interior magnetically. 

The wood featured in my DM Solution is cherry wood that has been harvested in the Appalachians in Ohio and West Virginia, but other wood options will be available as well during the Kickstarter campaign. The options that will be available include cherry, maple, walnut, cedar, padauk, bloodwood, wenge and zebrawood. 


Beyond being convenient, The DM Solution also is designed in a way to be aesthetically pleasing.  The artwork featured on the top of the system is created by Charles Urbach, who has worked on artwork for popular games such as Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings and A Game of Thrones LCG. The design featured on my DM Solution is a gorgeous dragon head that faces the players when the system is open. When the Kickstarter is launched, other designs will be available as well. 

The interior of The DM Solution features a mousepad meant to help protect both The DM Solution as well as the dice being rolled. The cushioned mouse pad will help ensure that no damage is done to the system, or to any metal or gemstone dice that the player might roll. My DM Solution features artwork designed by Charles Urbach. Other art options will be available as well. 



  • Great Craftsmanship
  • Portable
  • Customizable
  • Small Table Footprint
  • Beautiful Exterior Artwork



  • Metal Legs Scratch Wood

When receiving a Hrothgar’s Hoard product, one thing I can always count on is that the craftsmanship behind the product will be excellent. The DM Solution is no exception to that rule. The system is incredibly well-thought-out, and I can tell that a lot of thought went into the little details to ensure the best product possible. 


The build of the system itself is excellent. The DM Solution is sturdy, and it can hold up to transportation. When on the table, the system and tower sit at the perfect height to be convenient for the DM to write on the whiteboard or use the dice tower comfortably. The magnets on the base of the dice tower are strong enough to hold the tower in place without moving or tipping over during use. When closed, everything sits comfortably inside of the box, and it has additional space for dice or other small DM materials that may be necessary. 


The DM Solution is the perfect solution for DMs who frequently attend conventions or travel to a store to play. When it is closed, it is small and easy to carry. It holds many of the necessary materials for a DM to be successful. When opened, The DM Solution keeps all the DM’s materials in a contained space, perfect for a crowded convention table. It also makes set-up and clean up much easier and reduces the amount of things a DM must carry with them from table to table. Players who do not DM may also enjoy the DM system for this reason at conventions. The white board and portable nature benefit players as well as the DM. 


I also love that Hrothgar’s Hoard offers buyers the chance to customize their DM Solution in a lot of ways. Buyers will have the choice between multiple types of woods, exterior artwork and even interior artwork. The combinations of these make it so that each DM Solution is truly unique. One thing I wish would also be customizable though was the antique brass finished feet. While I love the look of the chest, I do find that the feet tend to scratch my wooden table if the system slides at all. I would love to have the choice to have wooden feet or no feet at all to help with this problem. However, even with the current feet, this problem can be solved by adding small furniture pads to the bottom of the feet. 

All in all, I would highly suggest The DM Solution for DMs who have to frequently travel, or who have relatively low table space. The system demonstrates a focus on providing a great gaming experience, and has great craftsmanship and aesthetics. During the game, DM’s will have everything they need easily within reach, and will be able to keep their information private without a bulky DM screen. After the game, The DM Solution is easy to break down and travel to your next space. It makes for a great gaming experience, and provides DM’s with the perfect solution for keeping their materials organized.

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