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Review of Motora

Game:Motora Designer: Calum Taylor Published: Twisted Bit Games Players: 2-6 Playtime: 30-120 Minutes Play Type: Worker Placement/ Player Elimination Synopsis: The gods of Motora are angry, and the priestesses of the island are looking for a solution to spare their tribes from the wrath of the gods. After a great deal of searching, they discover… Continue reading Review of Motora

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Review of Visitor in Blackwood Grove

  Game: Visitor in Blackwood Grove Designer: Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman Published: Resoynm Players: 3-6 Players Playtime: 5-15 Minutes Play Type: Deduction/ Hidden Information     Synopsis: On a dark night in the small town of Blackwood Grove, the peace is disturbed by a sudden crash. Luckily only the Kid is around to see the chaos unfold. Government… Continue reading Review of Visitor in Blackwood Grove

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Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

First off, those of you who follow my blog closely, I wanted to apologize for the lack of consistency during the last week or two. My usual blogging computer is broken, so it has been more difficult to blog. That won't stop me from trying to still blog daily though... Now onto more important topics.… Continue reading Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

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Controversy of Board Game Apps

Board gaming is an inherently social activity, where people have to be fully present to make the most of the experience. For that reason, I prefer that when people are playing a board game with me, that they kindly stay off their devices with the exception of taking a quick picture or two. It helps… Continue reading Controversy of Board Game Apps