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Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

First off, those of you who follow my blog closely, I wanted to apologize for the lack of consistency during the last week or two. My usual blogging computer is broken, so it has been more difficult to blog. That won’t stop me from trying to still blog daily though…


Now onto more important topics. Today I wanted to focus on five games I am excited to try at Gencon which is right around the corner, only two weeks away. I hope to share a few games for the next two weeks leading up to it, and of course share new games I discover while there. Here are the first five I am looking forward to trying:

  1. Kingdomino: Age of Giants. I really enjoy Kingdomino, it is simple enough to play quickly and with a wide range of people, but still enough strategy to keep me engaged throughout multiple plays. I am excited to see what the expansion brings to game play.
  2. Coimbra. I am interested in both the aesthetics of Coimbra as well as the dice drafting mechanics. Games that include elements of dice drafting have recently been some of my favorites. Coimbra mixes that with multiple ways to win, and apparently relatively thinky.
  3. Trash Pandas- Honestly, the title has me here. I am intrigued by a game that so affectionately calls raccoons trash pandas. That being said, I also have been enjoying the illustrations and look forward to learning more about game play as well.
  4. The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every Ten Years- Despite the title being somewhat of a mouthful, I am really excited to try this game put out by Iello Games. Recently I have found myself enjoying titles they put out like Bunny Kingdom and Fairy Tile. I have seen the components of this game and they are beautiful. I am also excited to see how they have incorporated the push your luck mechanic.
  5. Fae- Fae is another game that the aesthetics were orginally what caught my attention. I love the druid pieces that come with the game. It also has a strong focus on area control, which is a mechanic that is lacking in my collection despite my enjoyment of games like Tyrants of the Underdark and Bunny Kingdom.

These are the first five games I am looking forward to. As we continue to build towards the excitement of Gencon I will be sharing more games as well. What games are you looking forward to if you are going this year?

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