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June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire


June has been a relatively quiet month for me as far as purchasing and pre-ordering games. In preparation for Gencon, I am currently saving money for the inevitable purchases in the Dealer Hall. That did not mean I was completely good though, as I did Kickstart two games, and I have my eyes on purchasing two more.


  • Inoka by XYZ Games- This is a game I kickstarted for a variety of reasons included the beautiful art, the low price point, the portable nature of the game, the local publisher and quick playtime. I am always looking for games to play at local breweries or while traveling, and for only 9$ I couldn’t resist. You can take another look at that here.
  • Tang Garden by ThunderGryph Games. I am a sucker for table presence and Tang Garden simply oozes table presence. Players in this game are competing to have the most prestige while creating a beautiful garden. This game caught my eye because of the 3-D components and miniatures to paint. I am currently backing the Deluxe Edition which costs 65 Euro to get the comes with cat demons so I was pretty instantly sold. You can check that that project out here.

Three honorable mentions in the Kickstarter category for me this month would be Plucky Penguins, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and Miremarsh, which I may have backed if it was not the month before Gencon. Plucky Penguins is a competitive game where players compete to become the new penguin leader. The art is both funny and vibrant, plus I love penguin themed games. Mythic Battles: Pantheon was actually a reprinting of a game I have had my eye on. Unfortunately the cost for me was too high for a game that would likely not see the table very often. I really just want to get it to paint the miniatures, and I can’t justify that. In Miremarsh players play as Bog Goblins competing to become the next Goblin King. The game comes complete with a variety of cool miniatures, and the art style is dark and interesting.


  • Fireworks by Li-He Studio. I am considering pre-ordering Fireworks to pick up at Gencon, mostly because the components stand out to me, and the cat on the cover makes my inner cat lover happy. I will be researching the rest of this month to add to games I am looking to pick up at Gencon.

Games I Hope to Acquire:

  • Nusfjord by Lookout Games. I recently was able to try Nusfjord at my local gaming store. It quickly became my favorite Uwe Rosenberg due to the quick, streamlined game play without compromising the depth of choices and actions that could be taken. It played in just the right amount of time for most people I play with, and offers some replayability due to the different elders, buildings and variety of strategies.
  • The Stonebound Saga by Sky Kingdom Games. I was able to do a demo of this game at my local game store and fell in love with it. This was unusual for me, because skirmish games are not typically games that stand out to me. However, it stood out due to its phenomenal artwork, interesting mix of battling and resource management, and vast replayability. It is the next game I intend to pick up, and will write a review for it shortly after I do to share more about the game.

2 thoughts on “June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire

  1. Yes, I went for Inoka too, when I read your article and saw you said it was only a few bucks. Thank you for that. I’m quite active on Kickstarter, but for some reason this one had slipped through the net, so I would have missed it if it hadn’t been for your blog.


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