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News on Overturn: Rising Sands

It’s been under a week since Death May Die hit Kickstarter and CMON was in the middle of controversy. Once again the boardgame publisher is in the middle of a Kickstarter controversy, but this time on the other side. It seems as though Foxtale Studios has directly copied CMON’S rulebook for their upcoming game Overturn: Rising Sands which in on Kickstarter now. The two rules books have been posted side by side here. Not only did Overturn alledgedly copy CMON’s rulebook, but their verbage for their company’s description was almost identicle to that of the Mythic Pantheon Kickstarter, and their shipping notification almost identicle to the Conan Kickstarter.

The blantent plagiarism has many people questioning the legitimacy of the campaign, especially due to not having any physical miniatures completed or having a professional gameplay video completed. Additionally the content creators are located in Pakistan, a country currently not supported by Kickstarter, but have their campaign listed as though they are in Canada. Currently, CMON games has posted a DMCA takedown notice on the campaign. However if Kickstarter fails to pull the project it seems as though it will fund.

The company has been relatively quiet on the manner until yesterday, with their only statement being that the rulebook is not finalized. It will be interesting over the next couple of days to see if Kickstarter does pull the campaign or if it goes on to fund.

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