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Theme Musings: Education/ School

Today marked the first day of my new school year, and aptly my mind has been very focused on school and making sure my students have the best experience they can have. This focus on education has not surprisingly also passed over to my board gaming as well. It has my mind stuck on the fact that I am surprised given the number of games coming out each year that there hasn’t been a big game focused on the theme of a school.

It seems like a theme that people could do a lot with, and would be relatable to both families and adults alike. After all, most everyone has been in an educational environment at some point. Personally I would love to see a worker placement/ resource collection game where the goal was to get the highest report card based on different objectives the players could obtain throughout the game.

Then again with so many games coming out each year, and so many educators in the gaming community maybe a game has come out with this theme! Can you think of any that I might be interested in or overlooked? Are there any themes you would like to see?

One thought on “Theme Musings: Education/ School

  1. Tiny Epic Classroom! Thinking of Quest with the multiple achievement categories, you would have Athletics, Arts, and Science!

    The big thing I bet you struggle with is squeezing a full game into one class period. If not, games would need to be stored in such a way that you can restart without much time loss the next day.


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