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September Kickstarters You Should Check Out…

It’s time for my monthly delve into the world of Kickstarter! Here are three campaigns I am excited about in September:

  1. pic4242237 (1)
    September 18th: Kill Merlin! 
    This is an upcoming hand management and resource management game that focuses on game play that pivots to keep players on their toes. Word on the street is that the game is very simple to learn, but still encourages players to think to work towards a solution. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!
  2. pic4259677 (1).jpg
    September 25th: Visions of Telios by Sky Kingdom Games.
    This is the first expansion to The Stonebound Saga. I recently purchased The Stonebound Saga and I absolutely love it. It has hit our table many times now, and I am very excited to see what the expansion will bring. Not only will the expansion be available, but the base game will as well.
    pic4190233 (1)
  3. September 25th: Tidal Blades by Druid City Games. I was a fan of The Grimm Forest, and missed out on the Kickstarter. I would love to get in on the Tidal Blades Kickstarter. The artwork is absolutely stunning. The fact that it is worker placement means that I will likely enjoy the game a lot. It is definitely on my radar to check out!

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