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Review of Fry Thief

Game:  Fry Thief

Published: Laid Back Games

Designer: Patrick Rauland

Players: 2

Playtime: 15 Minutes

Play Type:  Take That


You go out to eat with the best of intentions, ordering a healthy salad. However, those fries your friend ordered just look so good. Surely they wouldn’t notice if you stole a few…

Game Play:

Fry Thief is a simple asymmetric card game. One player plays as a person who has ordered a salad, and the other is the friend who ordered a plate of fries. The goal of the game is to eat the most fries.

During set up, eat player should take a plate to place in front of them. This is where players will place fries when they get them. Players may only eat fries off their plate. The player who ordered the fries starts with all 12 fries on their plate. The player who ordered the salad should start with nothing on their plate.

Then shuffle the deck of cards and deal each player three cards. Cards come in three colors (each with an associated symbol). The player who ordered the salad may only play the green side of cards, the player who ordered the fries may only play the yellow side of the cards. Some cards are red, and can be played by either player. Once players have their placement and hand they are ready to begin.

Players will take turns drawing one card, and then they will have the option to play one card. Cards have a variety of effects including eating fries, stealing fries, cards that block stealing, cards that put ketchup on fries and cards that allow you to manipulate your hand. Players may have cards that allow them to play on the other players turn. If a player were ever to have less than two cards, then the player may draw cards until they have two in their hand. If a player chooses to not play a card during their turn, they may draw one extra card. Players have a hand limit of four cards.

Players continue taking turns until all the fries have been eaten. Then players will score points based on the fries they have collected. Each normal fry is worth one point. Fries with ketchup are worth two points.


Fry Thief is a small game that also can have a very small footprint. The game includes two place mats, twelve wooden fries, six ketchup discs, a deck of cards, two reference cards and the rules. The components are quality and functional for their purpose.


  • Small and Portable
  • Easy to Explain
  • Quick
  • Family Friendly
  • Unique Theme
  • Colorblind Friendly


  • Very Simple
  • Two Players Max

Fry Thief is a game that will appeal to those who are looking for a simple game to pass the time. The game mechanics are extremely simple and can be learned in under a minute. It makes explaining the game very easy, and players can get right to playing.

The theme is both unique and relatable. Many will find humor in the rule book and the struggle of trying to stay healthy among temptations. It is also a family friendly theme, and paired with the simplicity of the rules could be a great way to spend time with younger kids. The game could cater to children as young as six or seven, as long as those children were able to read the cards provided.

However for players who are looking for a more complex game, I would suggest passing on this one. The game is incredibly simple, and often feels like it is over just as it is beginning. While some cards can be combined to create a chain reaction, most of the time those combos are just luck of the draw. While there is some strategy involved in the game, it is very light.

Overall, Fry Thief felt similar to games such as Exploding Kittens and Kittens in a Blender. Players who enjoy those games but are looking for an experience that caters to two players will very much enjoy Fry Thief. The quick simple game play will be a hit with families, and the incredibly relateble theme is eye catching and humorous to almost anyone. If you are interested in picking this game up, you can check out their Kickstarter here:

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