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Review of Legendary Forests

Game: Legendary Forests Published: Iello Designer: Toshiki Sato Players: 2-5 Playtime: 15-20 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement Synopsis: You are a Dryad attempting to create a beautiful planet covered in plentiful forests. Your goal is to make your forests be more beautiful than all of your opponents. Game Play: Legendary Forests is a light tile placement game where players are… Continue reading Review of Legendary Forests

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Review of Hedgehog Hop

  Game: Hedgehog Hop Designer: Seppy Yoon Published: Fight In a Box Games Players: 2-3 Players Playtime: 12 Minutes Play Type:  Tile Placement/ Set Collection ***This review was completed based on prototype rules and components. All elements are subject to change*** Synopsis: The rival hedgehog dance crews have gathered, and it is their time to… Continue reading Review of Hedgehog Hop

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Review of Thrive

Game: Thrive Designer: Martin Grider Published: Adam's Apple Games Players: 2 Playtime: 20-30 Minutes Play Type: Grid Movement Kickstarter Link: Synopsis: You will be playing as a lotus flower who must compete for space in a small pond. Your goal is to take over the other flower's space before they crowd you out. Game… Continue reading Review of Thrive

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Review of Fry Thief

Game:  Fry Thief Published: Laid Back Games Designer: Patrick Rauland Players: 2 Playtime: 15 Minutes Play Type:  Take That Synopsis: You go out to eat with the best of intentions, ordering a healthy salad. However, those fries your friend ordered just look so good. Surely they wouldn't notice if you stole a few... Game Play: Fry Thief is a simple… Continue reading Review of Fry Thief

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Review of Kingdomino Age of Giants

Game: Kingdomino: Age of Giants Designer: Bruno Cathala Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-5 Playtime: 15-20 Minutes Play Type: Tile Placement/ Tile Drafting   Synopsis: You are a powerful lord seeking to expand your kingdom into new lands. You will grow as a kingdom as you explore new territories to seek the best combination of… Continue reading Review of Kingdomino Age of Giants

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Review of Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove

Game: Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove Designer: Jesse Labbe Published: Certifiable Studios Players: 1-4 Playtime: 10-30 Minutes Play Type: Push Your Luck/ Take That Synopsis: The Boogey-man is lurking, hoping to corner the orphans living in Condyle Cove. You control one of these orphans, as you try to be the last one standing. Your orphan will have… Continue reading Review of Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove

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Review of Barker’s Row

Game: Barker’s Row Designer: Steven Aramini Published: Overworld Games Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30-45 Minutes Play Type: Card Drafting       Synopsis: “Step right up! Step right up! Come and see the wonders we have to behold. We have something to see for everyone: Lobster boy, a Were-Walrus, an Invisible Man, and even the Grim… Continue reading Review of Barker’s Row