Boardgames and TV Shows that Pair Well Together

Yesterday, my husband and I finished the first season of The Umbrella Academy. While watching, my husband made the comment that the show seemed very similar to Time Stories. It got me thinking about other shows and board games that would pair well together, and potentially even create a gateway between board games and T.V. for those who aren’t already gamers. Here is the list I came up with based on the shows I have watched. Feel free to add any that come to mind for shows you are watching or have watched in the comments below.

The Umbrella Academy: Time Stories

The show that got me thinking about this list was The Umbrella Academy, which can be watched currently on Netflix. Without going into too much detail, and potentially spoiling the show, there is some overlap in the theme of time travel in both the show and Time Stories. The connection between the two was very strong, and I could easily see myself introducing someone who enjoyed the show to Time Stories as an entrance point into gaming. I am also secretly hoping for a Time Stories module based off The Umbrella Academy now.

West World: Western Legends

A huge part of West World’s plot plays on the idea that people want to explore the Wild West. Western Legends plays off this idea by providing players with a sandbox like experience where they can explore and interact in this time period as well. Players who enjoy a sense of adventure and who were sucked into the wide expanse the show demonstrated would likely also enjoy Western Legends.

The Walking Dead: Zombicide

There is no doubt that there is a strong connection between The Walking Dead and Zombicide. This connection was actually what got me into gaming years ago. After becoming highly interested in The Walking Dead, and enjoying some games that my brother brought over to play, my mother picked up a copy of Zombicide for me. Once I played a few times, and could make connections between the show I loved and this game, I was absolutely hooked on board games. While the zombie craze is starting to die down, those who still enjoy The Walking Dead may really enjoy Zombicide as well.

Vikings: Raiders of the North Sea

Vikings, which can be viewed on the History channel, focuses heavily on the balance between Vikings being able to go out on raids, while balancing their home lives and making sure their strongholds were safe. Raiders of the North Sea provides a similar experience as players balance between racing to be the first to raid and plunder, and making sure that they have the supplies and materials necessary to complete their goals. That tension will feel familiar to those who enjoy the show, and the game is simple enough that it would be easy to explain to someone who has never played a modern board game before.

Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition

Many times when a game is licensed, it may not live up to the viewers expectations or provide the connection necessary to make a strong, thematic game. I think the Game of Thrones LCG does a good job of capturing the spirit of the show/ books. Unlike other iterations of Game of Thrones games, the LCG allows players to win by balancing not only military strength, but also political intrigue and power as well. It does a nice job of capturing the feeling of the show, while still featuring familiar characters and events.

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