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Tips for Starting a Board Game Club for Students

I am a middle school teacher. During my lunch period two times a week I run a board game club for students. Many people have asked me for suggestions for how to start a club for students in their own schools. After giving it some thought, here are my suggestions for successfully engaging students in… Continue reading Tips for Starting a Board Game Club for Students


Boardgames and TV Shows that Pair Well Together

Yesterday, my husband and I finished the first season of The Umbrella Academy. While watching, my husband made the comment that the show seemed very similar to Time Stories. It got me thinking about other shows and board games that would pair well together, and potentially even create a gateway between board games and T.V.… Continue reading Boardgames and TV Shows that Pair Well Together

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Review of The Mind

  Game:  The Mind Published: Pandasaraus Games Designer: Wolfgang Warsch Players: 2-4 Playtime: 15 Minutes Play Type: Cooperative Synopsis: You and others are sitting and working towards becoming one to defeat the various levels in the mind. Game Play: The Mind is incredibly simple in concept. Players have a number of lives equal to the numbers of players. Additionally players start… Continue reading Review of The Mind

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May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

May is already coming to a close, so I figured I would take the time to share today what Kickstarter projects and pre-orders I decided to support this month. This was a slow month for me, so there are only a few things that I backed. Kickstarter Growl- Growl is a social deduction based game.… Continue reading May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

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Bringing Board Games to Schools

I am someone who enjoys donating my time to my community, especially when it has to do with schools or cats. I used to volunteer every Saturday at our local cat shelter, and I used to collect school supplies and donate them to some of our underprivileged schools. However, my favorite way to donate my… Continue reading Bringing Board Games to Schools

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Review of Dead Men Tell No Tales

Game: Dead Men Tell No Tales Designer: Kane Klenko Published: Minion Games Players: 2-5 Playtime: 60-75 Minutes Play Type: Cooperative Synopsis: Skelit's Revenge is ahead of you, set a blaze from the earlier cannon fire. You and your crew know the ship is ripe with treasure and loot. The only problem is the Skelit's undead crew… Continue reading Review of Dead Men Tell No Tales

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FLGS, Amazon and Kickstarter..Oh my!

Shopping for games can be a controversial topic. The push for people to shop locally is strong in this hobby, because our reliance on play space, and the fact that local gaming stores provide a place for us to do our hobby. However, sometimes those stores have to mark their prices up a little higher… Continue reading FLGS, Amazon and Kickstarter..Oh my!