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Decking Out a Board Gaming Room

  I moved into my new house a little over a year ago, and when we looked around this week we realized that we still had not started to decorate our new place. Not a single piece of art, or photograph lined the walls. We still have not even fully furnished one room in our… Continue reading Decking Out a Board Gaming Room

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Have I Ever Designed a Game?

A question I have been getting very frequently lately is, "have you ever designed a board game?". The short answer is no I have not designed a game. However, like many other board game players, I frequently have ideas for games. I would venture to say that almost daily, I see something in my life… Continue reading Have I Ever Designed a Game?

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Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

Yesterday I had to opportunity to play games with two people whom I had been in contact with through Instagram, and meet in person for the first time. What followed was about nine hours of fun and I was able to play four games I had never played before. It has been a while since… Continue reading Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

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Playing Games with my Father

Hello! I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out with a funeral in the morning and had my usual Dungeons and Dragons right after. Today in the United States it is Father's Day. Today I wanted to talk about my father's impact on board gaming.  My dad has been the slowest in the… Continue reading Playing Games with my Father

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Boardgaming: Lifestyle or Hobby?

People often ask me about my hobbies, and obviously board gaming is one that comes up, along with painting and reading. However, when I start to describe my hobby, I realize that it is so much more than just a hobby for me. I define hobby as something you occasionally do in your free time… Continue reading Boardgaming: Lifestyle or Hobby?

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Why I Don’t Do Commissions

The last couple of days I have been on a painting kick, and whenever that happens people tend to ask me if I will paint their miniatures for them, or if I do commissions. The answer is (usually) no. I have then had people try to convince me that it would be worth it, because… Continue reading Why I Don’t Do Commissions

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Influences on Boardgaming

  Yesterday night I got the sudden and random urge to play an old RTS kingdom building PC game. While in my excitement, I realized that I shouldn't be surprised I still enjoy these games, as the same theme still excites me in board gaming. I love sitting down to build a kingdom, and watching… Continue reading Influences on Boardgaming