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Decking Out a Board Gaming Room

  I moved into my new house a little over a year ago, and when we looked around this week we realized that we still had not started to decorate our new place. Not a single piece of art, or photograph lined the walls. We still have not even fully furnished one room in our… Continue reading Decking Out a Board Gaming Room

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Have I Ever Designed a Game?

A question I have been getting very frequently lately is, "have you ever designed a board game?". The short answer is no I have not designed a game. However, like many other board game players, I frequently have ideas for games. I would venture to say that almost daily, I see something in my life… Continue reading Have I Ever Designed a Game?

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Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

Yesterday I had to opportunity to play games with two people whom I had been in contact with through Instagram, and meet in person for the first time. What followed was about nine hours of fun and I was able to play four games I had never played before. It has been a while since… Continue reading Five Reasons to Play with Someone New

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Playing Games with my Father

Hello! I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out with a funeral in the morning and had my usual Dungeons and Dragons right after. Today in the United States it is Father's Day. Today I wanted to talk about my father's impact on board gaming.  My dad has been the slowest in the… Continue reading Playing Games with my Father

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Boardgaming: Lifestyle or Hobby?

People often ask me about my hobbies, and obviously board gaming is one that comes up, along with painting and reading. However, when I start to describe my hobby, I realize that it is so much more than just a hobby for me. I define hobby as something you occasionally do in your free time… Continue reading Boardgaming: Lifestyle or Hobby?

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Why I Don’t Do Commissions

The last couple of days I have been on a painting kick, and whenever that happens people tend to ask me if I will paint their miniatures for them, or if I do commissions. The answer is (usually) no. I have then had people try to convince me that it would be worth it, because… Continue reading Why I Don’t Do Commissions

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Influences on Boardgaming

  Yesterday night I got the sudden and random urge to play an old RTS kingdom building PC game. While in my excitement, I realized that I shouldn't be surprised I still enjoy these games, as the same theme still excites me in board gaming. I love sitting down to build a kingdom, and watching… Continue reading Influences on Boardgaming

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A Brief Gaming Profile

Today I just wanted to share a little bit about myself. I think there is a lot you can learn about a person from their gaming habits. I figured I would do a quick Q & A with myself, and share some interesting things about myself as a gamer. If you have any questions for… Continue reading A Brief Gaming Profile

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Should You Bring Your Children to Game Night?

I love seeing children interested in the hobby. It means that it will continue to grow over time. As a teacher, I spend plenty of time teaching kids to play and appreciate games. That being said though, not all games are going to work for all kids. When attending a game night where you intend… Continue reading Should You Bring Your Children to Game Night?

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D&D Party? More like family

This past weekend was a blur of being sick, which isn't unusual for me. Being a new teacher I get sick once every three months very consistently. Now lately our availability for our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game has been very inconsistent due to parties, birthdays and graduations. We were set to play this weekend,… Continue reading D&D Party? More like family